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Marine / New Adenia readies for sea after trip via Killybegs
Letters / Flawed tunnel report
Marine / Whalsay welcomes first of three new pelagic trawlers
Letters / Dubious claims and cost estimates
Transport / Ferry proposals presented to councillorsA replacement ferry for Fair Isle and an overhaul of the Whalsay route have been suggested
Transport / Whalsay ferry breaks down
Shetland Befriending Scheme - Volunteers
Letters / Building tunnels to reduce carbon emissions
Letters / An astonishing change in attitude (Toft pier redevelopment)
Viewpoint / Taking pride in speaking with a regional accent‘We often talk about racism, homophobia, transphobia, sexism, ageism and such, but rarely about discrimination towards regional accents’, writes Whalsay journalism student Chloe Irvine.
Whalsay school of rock hits the right noteThe pupils’ after school class ended with a performance with The Revellers.
Letters / Response to Whalsay fixed links paper
‘Not feasible’ for SIC to fund or deliver tunnel to Whalsay, new study reiteratesLocal councillor Duncan Simpson warns of a ‘slow and painful death for the island’ if ferry service worsens
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Letters / What’s more economic – tunnels or ferries?
Updated Winter vomiting bug closes two schools
Transport / Ferry user survey to help SIC make funding bid
Letters / The case for fixed linksFor more than a decade members of the Whalsay community have been promoting a way for the SIC to cut the Shetland Islands Council’s production of carbon and save millions of pounds of public finance in the process.
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