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Election 2017

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News Feed / Live from the SIC election count at Clickimin
News Feed / Candidates supportive of resettling refugees
News Feed / Candidates on more autonomy for the isles
News Feed / Candidates’ views on private seminars
News Feed / Candidates give views on school closures
News Feed / Candidates oppose SCT’s new governance
Features / Tories put forward paper candidates
Features / Voting reminder
News Feed / Successful SIC candidates disappointed by absence of election contest in South Mainland
News Feed / Meet the candidates: election page launched
Candidates / Gary Robinson
Candidates / Ian Scott
Candidates / Ian Tinkler
Candidates / Malcolm Bell
Candidates / Mark Burgess
Candidates / Peter Campbell
Candidates / Steven Coutts
Candidates / Theo Smith
Candidates / Beatrice Wishart
Candidates / George Smith
Candidates / Robbie McGregor
Candidates / Allison Duncan
Candidates / Lynsay Cunningham
Candidates / Alec Priest
Candidates / Cecil Hughson
Candidates / Duncan Simpson
Candidates / Alastair Cooper
Candidates / Isobel Johnson
Candidates / Emma Macdonald
Candidates / Andrea Manson
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