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Candidates / Stephen Leask

Stephen Leask
Lerwick councillor Stephen Leask.
Candidate Name Stephen Arthur Leask
Electoral Ward Lerwick North
Description (if any) Independent

My name is Stephen Leask and I am the current branch manager for Harbro LTD based in Lerwick. I have worked in Lerwick for over 25 years, in total, actually living in the town for much of that time.

At 57, I have a wealth of experience which I feel will establish me as a strong prospective candidate for election to the Lerwick North and Bressay ward.

As a Shetlander born and bred, I am passionate about the future of our isles and feel it is paramount that the new council be effective in maintaining an environment, which can consistently sustain business, primarily in Lerwick North – the hub of commercial activity. As a director with a community based company, I fully appreciate the potential for Bressay and its hard working, yet diverse community.

My managerial and collaborative skills with colleagues, together with experience as a building contractor, involved in many public projects throughout Shetland, will enable me to work effectively with co-members for the common good. Challenging times lay ahead for our new council as a strong effective focus is to me a priority and the way ahead.

Married to one of our long standing primary school teachers, I am well aware of the ongoing support, needed to sustain our schools both financially and with security for the future.

With a family of three educated in Lerwick and two grandsons eagerly awaiting the opening of the new Anderson High School, we will strive to continue the achievement of our excellent seats of learning for our children and grandchildren.

I play golf and in the past served in greens and junior convener posts. I represented Shetland on numerous occasions and was honoured to be a member of the Island Games team. For many years, I have enjoyed a position as a SFA referee, with last year’s highlights, the Madrid Cup and Fraser Cup finals. My previous involvement in junior sport activities, emphasises for me the importance of maintaining our excellent facilities within Lerwick.

If the voters of Lerwick North and Bressay honour me with their trust and confidence on 4 May, I wholeheartedly pledge my respect and support for all the needs of the community – with effort, efficiency and effectiveness.

Contact details:
Mobile: 07824 630889
Email: Stephen.leask@harbro.co.uk
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/councillorleask/