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Opinions / Welcome to TurbinelandHillswick based journalist and broadcaster Tom Morton has been supporting the Viking Energy wind farm as a community project for many years. Now, with local control of the project and community benefit lost, he has changed sides.
Viewpoint / Taking pride in speaking with a regional accent‘We often talk about racism, homophobia, transphobia, sexism, ageism and such, but rarely about discrimination towards regional accents’, writes Whalsay journalism student Chloe Irvine.
Viewpoint / Everyone is entitled to equal rightsI often delight in boring my students with the unique social, cultural and political status of Shetland, but the debate around (Lerwick) Up Helly Aa leaves me feeling ashamed, writes former Brae resident Karl Johnson.
Viewpoint / Women are a major part of Up Helly Aa‘We are not adverse to change because of gender issues. We oppose it because Up Helly Aa is part of our culture and heritage and we love it the way it is’, writes Linda Hughson.
Viewpoint / Call for help following devastating Cyclone Idai
Viewpoint / ‘Challenging conversations’Council chief executive Maggie Sandison on the urgent need to improve the quality of debate on Up Helly Aa
Promote Shetland - Shetland Pride of Place
Viewpoint / Brexit – we didn’t vote for this!WE ARE living in unprecedented times with record defeats, cabinet resignations every other week and a woefully ineffective and disunited Labour opposition, writes SNP Highlands and Islands list MSP Maree Todd.
Viewpoint / SLAP deal ‘extremely good news’FORMER council leader Gary Robinson explains why buying Shetland Charitable Trust (SCT)’s property arm SLAP was the right thing to do for the council and why public buildings should never have ended up in the ownership of the company in the first place.
Viewpoint / ‘Let’s seize the opportunities’
Viewpoint / Local accommodation trade needs ‘protection’
Viewpoint / ‘I would rather we remained part of the EU’
Viewpoint / Editorial: HIAL car parking charges appear unjust
Viewpoint / Referendum debate was uninformed & UK is unprepared for Brexit impact, argue SNP duo
Viewpoint / Editorial: Tax reforms welcome amid Tory austerity – but SNP must act on ferries pledge
Viewpoint / Is Britain’s ‘largest oil discovery in decades’ all it’s cracked up to be?
Viewpoint / Local Labour stalwarts say Scottish independence ‘inevitable’ following Brexit vote
Viewpoint / Spirals of fire, conviviality & the vexed matter of shield-maidens: how an outsider sees UHA
Viewpoint / ‘Time to choose between Brexit & decades of Tory rule or a future controlled by ourselves’
Viewpoint / ‘Wait and see what type of Brexit we get’
Viewpoint / Mixed views on prospect of second indyref
Viewpoint / Editorial: Standing up for liberal values
Viewpoint / Viewpoint: ‘The tragedy of Brexit’
Viewpoint / Opinion: ferry fares campaign vindicated
Viewpoint / MP: Brexit plans in ‘tatters’
Viewpoint / Editorial: We’d be worse off without foreigners
Viewpoint / Viewpoint: EU power grab to be resisted
Viewpoint / Viewpoint: Contempt for EU citizens
Viewpoint / Editorial: Despite EU’s flaws, we should stay
Viewpoint / Viewpoint: For fishing, for democracy
Viewpoint / Viewpoint: EU Referendum myth buster
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