Push Notifications

Get push notifications for new Shetland News stories.

Push notifications is a new feature that allows users to subscribe to instant notifications for new Shetland News stories.
Pushes show up as notification badges in the top right of your screen where you can view the title, clicking on it will take you directly to the story on www.shetnews.co.uk.

In order to subscribe, you need a compatible browser, please see below:

  • Chrome 42+ (Desktop & Android)
  • Safari 7.1+ (Mac OS X desktop only) iOS does not currently support web push notifications.
  • Firefox 44+ Desktop & Firefox 48+ Android.

Push Notifications

The box below displays the status of your push notification.

IncompatibleIt doesn’t appear you’re browser is compatible with push notifications.
SubscribedYou’re subscribed to Shetland News push notifications.
UnsubscribedPush notifications denied, access browser preferences to resubscribe.
IncompletePush notification subscription has not yet been sent, there might be a problem with your browser.
UnknownPush notification status cannot be found.

Push subscriptions are easy to opt-in and easy to unsubscribe from using your browser preferences.