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Letters / Carmichael one of the Brexit saboteurs
Letters / Is the word ‘bonstable’ still in use?
Letters / College lecturers demand basic pay rise
Letters / Much to gain
Letters / Can you help to shed light on an old saying?
Letters / Peppercorn rents
Letters / The wind farm’s impact on tourism
Letters / Relocate Shetland College to the town centreMany readers will think since I tend to mention the subject of a relocation for the Shetland College quite a bit in the course of a year and that I should just let it pass.
Letters / The dangers of wrecking BrexitI write in response to your article Brexit survey triggers calls for people’s referendum (SN, 6/11/2018).
Letters / The case for fixed linksFor more than a decade members of the Whalsay community have been promoting a way for the SIC to cut the Shetland Islands Council’s production of carbon and save millions of pounds of public finance in the process.
Letters / Where are the cygnets?
Letters / Inappropriate for a Geopark
Letters / Mankind releases CO2Frank Hay’s letter on behalf of Sustainable Shetland (Group in not anti-renewables; SN, 19/10/2018) states that wind farms cannot be constructed without using large quantities of fossil fuels.
Letters / Group is not anti-renewables
Letters / Cruel and outdated practice
Letters / Wake up and smell the fumes
Letters / Does anyone recall a school contact with Japan?
Letters / Indoor market for local produce?
Letters / Concern over plastic useIt is with both delight and sadness I write this letter about the Co-operative store in Lerwick.
Letters / Turbines would be even more out of scale
Letters / Knitters are a generous crowd
Letters / Return Norrona investment for MRI money
Letters / Where is the charitable trust?
Letters / Unique values
Letters / Commendable?
Letters / Who could object?
Letters / Charitable trust should pay
Letters / Focus should be on more serious issues
Letters / Oil money should be used for MRI scanner
Letters / We should be proud of our separate lifestyle
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