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Letters / Ethical Shetland
Letters / No Christmas cards, please!
Letters / Working closely with the developer?
Letters / How much is it going to cost?
Letters / Clinging on to Westminster at our peril
Letters / Technology for technology’s sake
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Letters / Living beyond our means
Letters / Patrolling the Kergord road
Letters / Clinging on?
Letters / We cannot forget about this
Letters / Disbenefits are huge
Letters / People are worried, frightened, angry and upset
Letters / ‘I see no contradiction’
Letters / For the benefit of the community – keep the garden
Letters / Genuine questions
Letters / Short changed
Letters / Peat propaganda
Letters / An admission of powerlessness
Letters / Extraordinary times
Letters / The law of unintended consequences
Letters / Out of touch attitude
Letters / The ‘definite odour of cover-up‘
Letters / Planning system unfit for purpose
Letters / They will go down in history
Letters / Who pays for decarbonising fossil fuels
Letters / Dispiriting
Letters / A council without empathy
Letters / Power deficit
Letters / ‘I am 20 years old, and they will be here until I am over 60’
Letters / SIC lobbied relentlessly for Viking
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