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Letters / Let’s hope the scientists are correct
Letters / Where is NorthLink and Loganair’s virus advice?
Letters / Vitamin D advice ‘irresponsible’
Letters / Help your body to fight Covid-19
Letters / ‘Which report would you believe?’
Letters / Astonished by councillor’s public statement
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Letters / Sella Ness camp was short-term and temporary
Letters / ‘I support the attempt to right a wrong’
Letters / Similarities with South Suffolk
Letters / ‘Shetland-centricness’
Letters / Are the right precautions in place?
Letters / Safety is paramount
Letters / Different futures are possible
Letters / Businesses will suffer as a result of new immigration policy
Letters / Lib Dem predictions
Letters / Anti-suffrage
Letters / ‘Like it or not, change is coming’
Letters / Call for independent inquiry into Shetland’s energy needs
Letters / Open letter – Shetland is Fir Aabody
Letters / Legal status of new college is ‘fundamental to its future’
Letters / Time for independence is not now
Letters / Lerwick festivals should be questioned for their continued display of gender inequality
Letters / No man is an island
Letters / Female Viking warrior found in Norway
Letters / Underwhelmed!
Letters / Hope over fear
Letters / SIC should declare fuel poverty emergency
Letters / Faster change for the greater good
Letters / What does it say about Shetland men?
Letters / Lost confidence in SIC reports
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