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Letters / Poor show from our councillors and MSP
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Letters / Let’s move forward together
Letters / Fear and control
Letters / Put your name forward as a candidate
Letters / Democracy on the slide
Letters / ‘It’s breaking my heart’Back in April 2015, former vice chairman of Sustainable Shetland, James Mackenzie, was invited to give a presentation to a Planning Democracy event in Glasgow. Among other things, the conference explored options for a more equitable planning system, including the idea of equal rights of appeal to create a level playing field that allows communities the same rights as developers. Mackenzie has now submitted his presentation as a letter to Shetland News, saying “not much has changed since then [2015] except that SSE is now the sole owner of Viking Energy”.
Letters / Flawed economics suck profits out of Shetland
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Letters / ‘Greed driven destruction’ of landscape
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Letters / A Shetlander’s perspective
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