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Letters / Open letter to Shetland Charitable Trust
Letters / Time to open up the coffers?
Letters / Vitamin D3 and a global exit strategy from Covid-19
Letters / How is everybody faring?
Letters / The elephant in the room
Updated Treatment by Post Office Ltd has been ‘beyond a joke’
Promote Shetland - Shetland Pride of Place
Letters / Open letter by the Independent Community News Network (ICNN) to the UK Government (and also the Scottish Government)
Letters / Avoiding infection requires social distancing
Letters / Impact of lockdowns more devastating than virus itself
Letters / UK’s approach to coronavirus concerning
Letters / ‘Limit the amount of news you watch’
Letters / Sterling job
Letters / Unhelpful request by Shetland News
Letters / The biggest risk to most people’s health right now is social media
Letters / Do not underestimate this virus
Letters / Let’s hope the scientists are correct
Letters / Where is NorthLink and Loganair’s virus advice?
Letters / Vitamin D advice ‘irresponsible’
Letters / Help your body to fight Covid-19
Letters / ‘Which report would you believe?’
Letters / Astonished by councillor’s public statement
Letters / Sella Ness camp was short-term and temporary
Letters / ‘I support the attempt to right a wrong’
Letters / Similarities with South Suffolk
Letters / ‘Shetland-centricness’
Letters / Are the right precautions in place?
Letters / Safety is paramount
Letters / Different futures are possible
Letters / Businesses will suffer as a result of new immigration policy
Letters / Lib Dem predictions
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