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Letters / Relocating housing projects to rural Shetland
Letters / Facts, not fiction
Letters / Sour note
Letters / Firm grasp of the bigger picture needed
Letters / Islanders in danger of being priced out of flying
Letters / A new council that looks to the future
Letters / Dare to dream of new ideas
Letters / A breach of ‘my democratic rights’
Letters / ‘Take back control’
Letters / An open letter to Shetland passengers
Letters / Vote for local control
Reviews / ‘Well done again Shetland Folk Festival’
Living Lerwick - The Queen's Platinum Jubilee Beacon Trail - 30 April - 12 June
Letters / Increased local powers key to progress on fixed links
Letters / Careful who to vote for
Reviews / Peerie Spang gives bairns a Sunday to remember
Reviews / Great harmonies and flawless instrumental skills
Reviews / Cunningsburgh welcomes back Shetland Folk Festival with gleeHigh quality tunes across the board during opening night concert
Letters / High price to be paid by UK fishing communities
Letters / Same old, same old, is no longer acceptable
Letters / Flawed analysis of council reserves
Letters / A failed project
Letters / It’s a story about politics, not number of seats
Viewpoint / Party politics in the council chamber? Surely not!
Letters / Westside ambitions
Letters / Plenty going on in Sandwick
Letters / Disgraceful intimidating behaviour
Letters / Future and prosperity at stake
Letters / ‘Derick beat the pants off the rest of us’
Letters / Some big decisions to make
Letters / Difficult full-time job ahead
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