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Letters / Money wasted on leaflets and trips for MSPs
Opinions / Time for local action to combat climate changeHere in Shetland we have a climate crisis and we need our council to declare a climate emergency, write Anderson High School students Isla Johnson, Laura Bisset and Celestine Verdcourt-Laurenson of Eco Youth Shetland.
Opinions / Shetland has again all eggs in one basketThe focus on building a 600Megawatt subsea cable is preventing investment in local renewable energy projects, writes James Mackenzie, the outgoing vice-chairman of Sustainable Shetland, the grassroots group that opposes the Viking Energy wind farm.
Letters / We need climate action and we need it now
Letters / Questioning experts’ independence and competence
Letters / It would take some explaining
Shetland Befriending Scheme - Volunteers
Letters / Report on Bonidale ferry terminal ‘unreliable’
Letters / How I’d respond as a councillor
Letters / Healing rift in the community?
Letters / Written in a parallel universe
Letters / Put to bed for now
Viewpoint / Why we’re carrying a coffin along the Lang KamesPete Bevington is one of the organisers of Lament for the Lang Kames, a ‘funeral procession’ being held on Saturday for “all that will be lost if Viking Energy goes ahead as planned”. He explains why the procession – coffin and all – is taking place.
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Letters / Natural environment far from safe
Letters / Whatever happened to democracy and democratic voting?
Letters / Time for Viking to get out of Shetland
Letters / Slow in declaring a climate emergency
Letters / Do folk living in the Shetland like the TV show ‘Shetland’?
Letters / Flawed tunnel report
Letters / Where is the dialogue?
Letters / Slimy steps
Letters / Very creditable result
Letters / Rematch in 18 months time
Letters / Brush up on your arithmetic
Letters / Back to square one
Letters / No one to blame but ourselves
Letters / Time to make your voice heard
Letters / Sorry to have confused him
Letters / Tom confuses charitable trust with the community benefit fund
Letters / Shame on them
Letters / Let’s get out and get on with it
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