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Viewpoint / Free bus travel for youngsters welcome, but more can be doneThis week the Scottish Government confirmed that under 22s will receive free bus travel from January next year – but at this stage transport on ferries for islanders is not part of the plans. One of Shetland’s two members of the Scottish Youth Parliament, Jonathan Dorrat, gives us his view
Letters / Fixed links would serve community better
Viewpoint / Welcome to Quango Scotland – the new Scottish democracyThe devolution paradox is that it has taken so much decision-making away from Scottish communities rather than closer to them, writes former Labour MP Brian Wilson, one of the founders of the Skye-based West Highland Free Press.
Letters / Squandered opportunity
Letters / Cut the energy waste before building new wind farms
Letters / Expensive gesture towards addressing climate change
Business Gateway
Letters / Fishermen and tax-paying workers will lose
Letters / ‘It’s all about money’
Letters / Yell musings
Letters / A new approach to drugs use
Letters / Puritans?
Letters / A lesson from Switzerland?
Shetland Charitable Trust - Main Grant Scheme
Letters / A cautionary tale for Greenies
Viewpoint / ‘No bairn in Shetland should ever go hungry again’Following news that Shetland’s oil funds have grown by a whooping £250 million on the global money markets, local food entrepreneur David Polson is floating the idea of creating a Shetland Children’s Trust
Letters / Green investors don’t see the damage they inflict on the environment
Letters / Let’s not close our eyes to what’s happening
Viewpoint / Unst spaceport will bring ‘biggest transformation’ to isles since arrival of oil and gasWith the first launches from Shetland Space Centre planned for May 2022, chief executive Frank Strang has reflected on the progress so far
Letters / We all need to contribute towards inclusive societies
Letters / Five stars for peace and quiet?
Letters / Iceland and the EU
Letters / ‘Entirely proper’ to fly the European flag
Letters / Brainwashing exercise
Letters / ‘Bear with us’ – open letter from director of dentistry Antony Visocchi, to NHS patients
Viewpoint / Racism takes many formsFollowing news reports of racist graffiti appearing on some crumbling Cold War buildings in the southend of Shetland, Peter Hamilton puts pen to paper to reflect on the many forms racism, sexism, transphobia and discrimination can take.
Letters / Political wasteland
Letters / Thanks for your support
Letters / Whistling in the dark
Letters / Why can’t these be recycled?
Reviews / Exploring what makes us who we areHelen Kerr reviews You Made Me: Oliver, performed by Islesburgh Drama Group at the Garrison Theatre as part of Shetland Arts’ Refresh Now programme on 30 April.
Viewpoint / Fuel poverty facts speak for themselvesChief executive of Hjaltland Housing Association and vice chair of the Shetland Fuel Poverty Action Group, Bryan Leask, is urging the incoming government to make tackling Scotland’s ‘shamefully’ high levels of fuel poverty, particularly in rural and island areas, a top priority
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