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Reviews / ‘The best and most important performance Mareel has ever seen’
Letters / On the track of local socialists
Letters / Fantastic news, but it won’t last
Letters / EU position somewhat confusing
Letters / The dirty great Brexit cloud
Letters / ‘Preying on the conscience of the uninformed’
Promote Shetland - Shetland Pride of Place
Letters / The fairest solution?
Letters / A good principle (EU elections)
Letters / Wind farm developments can cause mental health issues
Letters / Chairman Mao would have been impressed (Toft net washing plant)
Letters / Garden ‘bee bombs’ are not the problem
Letters / ‘We need to vote tactically’ (European Parliament elections)
Letters / Time for a change again (Up Helly Aa)
Letters / Vote to have a say in fishing (European Parliament elections)
Letters / Any Change UK and Brexit Party representatives out there?
Letters / Advice on how to stop the decline of bees
Letters / We can no longer sweep this issue under the carpet (Up Helly Aa)
Letters / Another question about a Lerwick socialist
Letters / An astonishing change in attitude (Toft pier redevelopment)
Letters / Manipulated mathematics? (proposed Toft net washing plant)
Viewpoint / Taking pride in speaking with a regional accent‘We often talk about racism, homophobia, transphobia, sexism, ageism and such, but rarely about discrimination towards regional accents’, writes Whalsay journalism student Chloe Irvine.
Letters / Does anyone know of James Smith?
Letters / The opposite of ‘sustainable’ (Viking Energy)
Letters / Waste of a stamp? (Mossy Hill wind farm)
Viewpoint / Everyone is entitled to equal rightsI often delight in boring my students with the unique social, cultural and political status of Shetland, but the debate around (Lerwick) Up Helly Aa leaves me feeling ashamed, writes former Brae resident Karl Johnson.
Letters / Preparing for the future in a changing world (Up Helly Aa)
Letters / It is going to stink (proposed Toft net washing plant)
Viewpoint / Women are a major part of Up Helly Aa‘We are not adverse to change because of gender issues. We oppose it because Up Helly Aa is part of our culture and heritage and we love it the way it is’, writes Linda Hughson.
Viewpoint / Call for help following devastating Cyclone Idai
Letters / One large wind farm (Mossy Hill wind farm)
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