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Letters / ‘I see no contradiction’
Letters / For the benefit of the community – keep the garden
Letters / Genuine questions
Letters / Short changed
Letters / Peat propaganda
Letters / An admission of powerlessness
Promote Shetland - Monthly Prize Draw
Letters / Extraordinary times
Letters / The law of unintended consequences
Letters / Out of touch attitude
Letters / The ‘definite odour of cover-up‘
Letters / Planning system unfit for purpose
Viewpoint / Autonomy debate returns to ShetlandAhead of Wednesday’s council meeting, modern political history PhD student Mathew Nicolson argues that the latest bid for self-determination reflects grievances with centralisation and the continued erosion of local government powers rather than the desire for full autonomy.
Letters / They will go down in history
Letters / Who pays for decarbonising fossil fuels
Letters / Dispiriting
Viewpoint / ‘We are blessed with abundant potential at a time the world needs it most’
Letters / A council without empathy
Letters / Power deficit
Letters / ‘I am 20 years old, and they will be here until I am over 60’
Letters / SIC lobbied relentlessly for Viking
Letters / Don’t speak ill of the dead
Letters / In fear of the developer?
Letters / ‘Out of touch’
Letters / ‘Reticent’ former councillors
Letters / My views on Viking Energy
Letters / PR statements at odds with reality?
Letters / Not testing construction workers a ‘huge risk’
Letters / Community council calls for independent investigation
Letters / Lies, damned lies and statistics
Letters / Apology for using the wrong e-mail address
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