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Shetland Voices / Da Selkie wife

Realising her dream: Jan Bevington enjoying the comfort of a peat fire at The Booth. Photo: Jane Moncrieff for Shetland News

FOR more than thirty years Jan Bevington has been rescuing seals and otters from around Shetland’s shores. When they are able she returns them to the wild.

Originally from Lancashire, Jane has now lived here in the isles for fifty years. Married to journalist Pete Bevington for 25 years, together they have built up the only local marine life sanctuary to a first-class £400,000 facility, which is now near completion.

Jane Moncrieff went up to Hillswick to what was once the oldest pub in Shetland, The Booth, which Jan owned and ran for many years to find out more about the woman who is sometimes know as the Selkie wife.

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