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Shetland Voices / Geordie Jacobson – a man who amasses many things

Geordie Jacobson: 'Nothin surprises you ... What's that in somebody's garage?' Photo: Jane Moncrieff

FOR the second instalment of our Shetland Voices series Shetland News’ podcaster Jane Moncrieff travelled to the Ness to hear from well-kent collector of all things mechanical, Geordie Jacobson.

Trained as a civil engineer, Geordie worked on many road projects in England and in Scotland before returning home to Shetland in the 1970s when the economy was booming.

The 75-year-old is also well known for his involvement with motorcycles and the Shetland Classic Car Club. A keen volunteer with the local OAP club and Quendale Mill, Geordie is a collector of motorbikes, cars memorabilia, music, books and cameras.

He also keeps a well-stocked cocktail cabinet, and is a great raconteur.

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