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Community / ‘Simply not good enough’: Bank sorry after Ukrainian refugee endures ‘unnecessarily’ long wait for account‘We have to ensure that the challenges faced by Tetiana are not repeated for anyone else’, MP Carmichael says
Marine / ‘Boris, where’s your Russian sanctions?’ asks Altaire first mate
Updated Growing pressure on Faroe to stop Russian vessels fish off Shetland
Ukraine invasion / ’Nothing is sacred’ – 60 days since the Russian invasion of Ukraine began
Ukraine invasion / Frustration as Russian fishing vessels continue to work off ShetlandIsles MP Alistair Carmichael seeks urgent meeting with Faroese fishing minister
Ukraine invasion / Aid trust sends 18 pallets of clothes and bedding for Ukraine appeal
Ukraine invasion / ‘They make you feel at home’ – first Ukrainian refugees arrive in the islesScottish Government ‘super-sponsor’ scheme should make it possible for more Ukrainians to come to Scotland
Ukraine invasion / Ukraine aid items shipped south
Ukraine invasion / Noss lambs auctioned off to raise over £2,000 for Ukraine
Updated Bric-a-brac sale and fundraising concert to support Ukraine
Ukraine invasion / Yoga club donates leftover funds to Ukraine appeal
Ukraine invasion / All sorts of people turn up in a crisisIn her latest dispatch from the Ukrainian border with Romania, Jen Stout reports on heartbreak and many acts of kindness as people leave everything behind to escape the Russian aggression against their homeland.
Living Lerwick - The Queen's Platinum Jubilee Beacon Trail - 30 April - 12 June
Ukraine invasion / Charitable trust has no direct investments in Russian companies
Ukraine invasion / ‘Significant progress’ but refugees could still find themselves trapped in bureaucratic limbo – Carmichael
Ukraine invasion / New government scheme will let people apply to host Ukrainian refugeesShetland Islands Council chief Maggie Sandison said ‘we should be able to develop arrangements quickly’
Ukraine invasion / ‘Everyone is pulling together’On the day the UK is finally moving towards accepting tens of thousands of displaced people under the Homes for Ukraine Scheme, Shetland journalist Jen Stout has sent her latest account from the Ukrainian border with Romania, from where she has been reporting for the national media since early March.
Ukraine invasion / Community rallies to help Ukrainian refugees
Ukraine invasion / Ukraine: A bit of light in the darkAfter having to leave Moscow at the beginning of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Shetland journalist Jen Stout is now at the Ukrainian border with Romania, near the Black Sea, from where she sends her latest account of the humanitarian crisis of this brutal war.
Ukraine invasion / Hundreds turn out to show their solidarity with UkraineBut many voice their concern that the conflict could spiral out of control
Ukraine invasion / Ukraine: Anxiety but also practical help on the ground
Ukraine invasion / Shetlanders asked to support Ukraine at vigil on Saturday
Ukraine invasion / ‘Ужас is a word I heard a lot recently. It means horror’Shetland journalist Jen Stout, in Russia on the Alfa Fellowship Program for the last three months, has now left the country and has safely arrived in Austria. Here she reports on her encounters while leaving Russia.
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