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BBC Filming / Two south end beaches to be closed off for filmingScousburgh road will also be closed for a time on Thursday
BBC Filming / Crime drama filming moves to Foulawick for action scenes
BBC Filming / Crime drama filming to take place around sheriff court on Monday
BBC Filming / Watch out for road closures as crime drama filming moves to Lerwick
BBC Filming / Crime drama filming to head to Nesting area later this week
BBC Filming / Crime drama filming to begin in Bixter on Tuesday
Viking Energy - Viking Wind Farm and the Shetland HVDC Transmission Link
Showcases / Walking the wilds around the wind farm works
Showcases / Winter Wonderland GalleryShetland in the snow
Showcases / LEF – Made stronger to last longer
ZetTrans / Talking about transportIt is more important than ever that people ensure their views are heard because transport is undergoing a transformation, writes ZetTrans policy and project officer Robina Barton.
Showcases / Bolts Car Hire upbeat after move to Grantfield
Showcases / Tackling the plastic threat to our seas‘Ghost gear’ is a serious problem; we need more cooperation for healthy seas, writes Anton Lazarus of KIMO International
Scottish Parliament election, 6 May 2021
Market House / Life is getting more complicated but Advocacy Shetland is here to help
ZetTrans / Future of transport reaches turning pointZetTrans’ policy and project officer Robina Barton makes the case for increased use of public transport in difficult times
ZetTrans / A route to a more equal societyZetTrans’ policy and projects officer Robina Barton reflects on the huge response the transport partnership received to a recent survey on active travel.
ZetTrans / Coping with Covid – a transport perspectiveAfter months of lockdown, communities are slowly emerging to a ‘new normal’ that will impact on all walks of life, including transport. Here the local transport partnership’s policy officer Robina Barton sets out some of the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.
Showcases / Do you have what it takes to be a local BBC journalist?
Showcases / Island Fish opens shop and celebrates a year of business at Gremista
Showcases / Refilling – a simple but great idea to cut back on single-use plastics
Market House / Peer education project launches pop-up youth cafe
Showcases / Workshops to help your business growDevelop your skills with our range of workshops coming up in October and November 2019
Showcases / Have a whale of a time in ShetlandSocial media reports of sightings, images and videos of cetaceans from the shoreline is helping to put Shetland on the map as a prime whale-watching destination. This feature has been contributed by VisitScotland.
Showcases / Workshops to help your business grow
Showcases / Handing the keys to the staff might be the obvious solutionSuccession is an issue facing many of Shetland’s businesses – what to do with the business when the owner is looking to move on?
Market House / Mediation service expands and takes on extra staff
Showcases / Walk da Rock Step Count Challenge – get your year off to a flying start!
Market House / Empowering people to help themselvesCitizens Advice Bureau (CAB) is hosting an open evening on Monday.
Showcases / Energy advice that could help businesses save thousands of poundsA new energy advice service offered by Shetland Islands Council (SIC) has been set up to help the isles’ 1,200 small and medium sized enterprises reduce their carbon footprint and make big savings in the process.
Showcases / New cost effective web-building tool launched by local companyA local web design company is offering a unique and extremely cost-effective web-design service specifically aimed at smaller companies, micro businesses or self-employed sole-traders.
Market House / Bike project successful in changing lives for the betterSHETLAND is fortunate to have a relatively high employment rate compared to other rural areas of Scotland.  However, there are people living in the isles who face barriers to employment arising from struggles with mental health, a criminal conviction, substance misuse and long term unemployment.
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