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Viewpoint / Covid two years on: the promise of spring never fails

In April 2020, we asked Tresta resident Carol Jamieson to share her thoughts on the early days of the pandemic, at a time we were all experiencing the first weeks of the lockdown. Now, exactly two years after Shetland’s first Covid cases were confirmed, she says she is a different person.

I don’t know if it is lockdown and the pandemic or my approaching old age, but I feel so very different from the person who entered this strange, crazy and heartbreaking time. I have grown up slightly, matured even.

Carol Jamieson. Photo: Jonathon Bulter

Just when you think you have done all the maturing you need to do, another dose comes along and smacks you on the nose. It probably means there is more to come, I’m sure my family would agree with that.

Speaking honestly, I must say, over the last two years there was little adversity in our family. I had Covid, as did the rest of us, but we are well and have enjoyed the enforced staying home.

For us it meant being around each other, walking the beach with the dogs, having time to enjoy the sunsets and the chance to reflect, mostly on life and its priorities.

I know how important it is to breathe now. Yes, I didn’t know that before, breathing deeply the Shetland air fills me with the energy of the planet, and it’s free! Our air is famous for its purity and healing properties, but as dad used to say, “Da Shetland air is splendit, if ony it wisna in such a Hell o a hurry”.

I look out my window, across the voe and realise that although I feel different, all is the same, a typical late day, cold and windy but still spectacular. It is always a perfect sky, no matter the weather.

I find myself praising nature, honouring the ground and getting ready to plant another season’s food crop. The promise of spring is one of the most precious promises we are ever given and thankfully, it never fails to deliver.

I derive the greatest satisfaction from the anticipation of pulling the plants from the ground and preparing them, food for the body and food for the soul. I also take great pleasure in foraging for treasure from the hens every morning and using that treasure to make eggselant breakfasts.

Where have we all ended up after the pandemic? What has it taught us? To look out for each other, to be grateful for people and contact, to realise the things which make us human and to enjoy the fact we can walk the Earth in freedom again.

Each morning I face towards roughly where I know the sun should be and say ‘thank you’.

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