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Opinions / Time for a financial ‘spring clean’
Letters / Council leadership should consider their positions
Letters / ‘The worst of both worlds’ – open letter to prime minister Boris Johnson from the SFF chief executive Elspeth Macdonald
Letters / Bureaucratic chaos rather than a ‘sea of opportunity’
Letters / Shelter is essential
Letters / Time to take responsibility
Viking Energy - Newsletter - Wind Farm & Transmission Link
Letters / Presumptions
Court / Pair who were found guilty of murder intend to appeal
Coronavirus / Flags of hope bring Tibetan feel to village
Shetland Lives / Anita aims to make it three in a row with next fundraising challenge
Letters / Level four restrictions will remove ‘grey areas’
Letters / No need for major industrialisation
Shetland Charitable Trust - Small Grant Scheme
Opinions / Island self-determination ‘completely normal’Frustrated with the limitations of local government in Scotland since devolution, Shetland Islands Council decided earlier this year to look closely at the options of clawing some back political powers from Edinburgh and thus reviving local democracy. Here, council convener Malcolm Bell sets out the case for self-determination.
Letters / The root of the problem lies in Westminster
Letters / MSP replies to Alec Henry’s open letter
Court / Young driver banned and fined for dangerous driving
Letters / ‘Why did it take so long for the penny to drop?’Open letter to Beatrice Wishart MSP
Court / Judge hands life sentences for ‘gruesome’ Lerwick murder
Court / Jury finds MacDougall and Smith guilty of murdering Tracy Walker
Court / Crown calls on jury to return guilty of murder verdicts
Court / Murder trial adjourned to await result of Covid test
Letters / Dissolve the people?
Letters / Demographic worries
ZetTrans / Talking about transportIt is more important than ever that people ensure their views are heard because transport is undergoing a transformation, writes ZetTrans policy and project officer Robina Barton.
Letters / Disservice to the community
Letters / Bewildered
Letters / Prejudiced and out of touch
Features / Diving into another worldSea swimming has become a relatively recent recreational pleasure in Shetland but is rapidly growing in popularity
Court / Murder trial hears from forensic expert
Letters / Open letter to Lesley Riddoch
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