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Letter / The opposite of ‘sustainable’ (Viking Energy)
Letter / Waste of a stamp? (Mossy Hill wind farm)
Viewpoint / Everyone is entitled to equal rightsI often delight in boring my students with the unique social, cultural and political status of Shetland, but the debate around (Lerwick) Up Helly Aa leaves me feeling ashamed, writes former Brae resident Karl Johnson.
Letter / Preparing for the future in a changing world (Up Helly Aa)
Letter / It is going to stink (proposed Toft net washing plant)
Viewpoint / Women are a major part of Up Helly Aa‘We are not adverse to change because of gender issues. We oppose it because Up Helly Aa is part of our culture and heritage and we love it the way it is’, writes Linda Hughson.
Viewpoint / Call for help following devastating Cyclone Idai
Letter / One large wind farm (Mossy Hill wind farm)
Letter / Pensions and biscuits
Review / The warm glow of humanity and nostalgia‘I Remember Mama’ once again reveals the talent of Islesburgh Drama Group
Letter / Adding insult to injury
Letter / ‘Spectacular SNP humbugfest’
Letter / Have we not done this before?
Letter / The ball is not in the community’s court
Review / Bare Knuckle leaves audience stunned
Review / Shetland finale rounds off ‘most accomplished series yet’
Letter / Response to Whalsay fixed links paper
Letter / Community benefits?
Viewpoint / ‘Challenging conversations’Council chief executive Maggie Sandison on the urgent need to improve the quality of debate on Up Helly Aa
Review / ‘Incredible but unquantifiable’ night of music at Mareel
Facebook gets the Althing treatment
Community / Three cheers for guizer jarl Ian Jamieson as Delting Up Helly Aa gets under way
Feature / Duo look forward to ‘exciting and nerve-wracking’ concert at home
Feature / Scottish Ensemble collaborates with instrumentalists from Iran and Greece to bring Eastern musical traditions to the isles
Letter / Smug about systematic oppression?
Letter / Brexit day of action
Viewpoint / Brexit – we didn’t vote for this!WE ARE living in unprecedented times with record defeats, cabinet resignations every other week and a woefully ineffective and disunited Labour opposition, writes SNP Highlands and Islands list MSP Maree Todd.
Letter / Invest Smyril funds in new MRI scanner
Letter / Sharing is caring
Letter / Ridicule pole?
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