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Letters / Council moving in the right direction
Letters / Closing the stable door after the horse has bolted
Letters / Working against the economy?
Court / Danish man accused of rape
Letters / Losing faith in our council
Letters / Explanation wanted
Promote Shetland - Monthly Prize Draw
Letters / ‘You cannot have tolerance without being tolerant yourself’
Letters / Castles in the air
Letters / A Shetlander’s perspective
Letters / ‘Memory playing tricks …’
Letters / Follow the science, not the politics
Letters / A soothmoother’s perspective
Letters / A welcome like no other
Letters / Only the vulnerable needed quarantine
Letters / Orwellian Alice in Wonderland world
Letters / ‘He may be just the man’
Community / Shetland shows solidarity with global Black Lives Matter movement
Letters / Change needed in Scottish educationOpen letter to Beatrice Wishart MSP
Letters / A moment for self-reflection
Letters / Wait until the roof falls in
Education / Uncertainty continues as local university students prepare for new academic year
Letters / Mothballed for nothing
Letters / ‘Duck and cover’ won’t do
Court / Helicopter crash inquiry to be held virtuallyPreliminary hearing sets starting date at 31 August, seven years after fatal accident happened off Sumburgh
ZetTrans / Coping with Covid – a transport perspectiveAfter months of lockdown, communities are slowly emerging to a ‘new normal’ that will impact on all walks of life, including transport. Here the local transport partnership’s policy officer Robina Barton sets out some of the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.
Letters / ‘We are not our own country’
Letters / Shetland following like sheep
Letters / Spoilsport
Nature / Time to appreciate abundance of local wildflowersShetland Amenity Trust is seeking help from local folk to record wildflowers while out exercising
Community / Support available for unpaid carers
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