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Letters / Building tunnels to reduce carbon emissions
Letters / A one trick pony fighting a disastrous battle
Letters / Viking wind farm project all wrong for Shetland
Letters / Sleep deprivation torture (NorthLink’s sleeping pods)
Letters / Will the community benefit payments be adequate? (Viking Energy)
Letters / Proud of resisting Viking Energy
Colour Challenge 2019 - 22 June 2019
Letters / Indignant or gloating? (Viking Energy)
Letters / Rewilded croft’s breeding success
Showcases / Workshops to help your business grow
Letters / The community involvement is gone (Viking Energy)
Letters / Where is my freedom of choice?
Reviews / ‘The best and most important performance Mareel has ever seen’
Letters / EU position somewhat confusing
Letters / The dirty great Brexit cloud
Letters / ‘Preying on the conscience of the uninformed’
Letters / The fairest solution?
Letters / A good principle (EU elections)
Letters / Wind farm developments can cause mental health issues
Letters / Chairman Mao would have been impressed (Toft net washing plant)
Letters / Garden ‘bee bombs’ are not the problem
Letters / ‘We need to vote tactically’ (European Parliament elections)
Letters / Time for a change again (Up Helly Aa)
Showcases / Handing the keys to the staff might be the obvious solutionSuccession is an issue facing many of Shetland’s businesses – what to do with the business when the owner is looking to move on?
Letters / Vote to have a say in fishing (European Parliament elections)
Letters / Any Change UK and Brexit Party representatives out there?
Letters / Advice on how to stop the decline of bees
Letters / We can no longer sweep this issue under the carpet (Up Helly Aa)
Letters / Another question about a Lerwick socialist
Features / Award-winning South African novelist gives NHS Shetland a voiceIn 2017, novelist Carol Campbell left her home in South Africa to begin a new chapter in Shetland. She shared her fascinating story with Genevieve White.
Transport / Pentland Ferries loses court case against Scottish GovernmentCourt of Session rejects claims that Northern Isles ferry tendering process is unlawful
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