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BBC Filming / Crime drama filming moves to Cott on Friday
Letters / Time to speak up is now
BBC Filming / Two south end beaches to be closed off for filmingScousburgh road will also be closed for a time on Thursday
Letters / Comprehensive and unbiased election coverage
BBC Filming / Crime drama filming moves to Foulawick for action scenes
BBC Filming / Crime drama filming to take place around sheriff court on Monday
Business Gateway - Bookkeeping and business expenses
Reviews / ‘The truth didn’t really matter at all’Helen Kerr reviews Islesburgh Drama Group’s production of Marion Pardone written by Lesley Leslie, directed and produced by Jennie Atkinson and broadcast by BBC Radio Shetland on 1 April.
BBC Filming / Watch out for road closures as crime drama filming moves to Lerwick
Letters / A matter of deep unfairness
Letters / The people of Shetland deserve better
Letters / Poorly designed consultation
Letters / Has anything changed?
Shetland Charitable Trust - Small Grant Scheme
Letters / Scrutinise the wording carefully
Letters / Can the kirk be saved?
Letters / Bicycle racks on buses may encourage people to cycle more
Updated Unsolicited campaign e-mails
Letters / ‘Cynical posturing’
Letters / Enlighten us
Letters / Concerns reinforced by council response to petition
Letters / Viking doing their utmost to keep the public out
Showcases / Walking the wilds around the wind farm works
Letters / Under the SNP Scotland has gone backwards
Letters / Time to change the management
Letters / Cable failures expensive to fix
Letters / Forgotten industries
Coronavirus / Pfizer and Moderna Covid-19 vaccines – the first of its kind
Letters / Entitled to share my personal views
Viewpoint / Filming Shetland will be drama-free, BBC assures islandersITV Studios’ producer of the crime drama Shetland, Louise Say, responds to concern voiced here by Tom Morton who earlier this week asked whether it is a good idea to resume filming the popular series as early as April
Viewpoint / ‘Why not wait, Shetland? That’s all. Wait a few weeks’Please come to Shetland, Shetland. But not yet, says Tom Morton.
Reviews / The magic of storytellingHelen Kerr reviews Prisoner of War, written by Lesley Leslie, directed by Jennie Atkinson, performed by Islesburgh Drama Group and broadcast on BBC Radio Shetland last week
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