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Letters / Outdated nonsense
In Pictures / Celebrating local food in person and online
Reviews / ‘A bloody good start’ – and more to comeShetland News’ very own television critic Jordan Ogg is full of praise after enjoying part one of the new Shetland crime drama
Letters / Microplastics from wind turbines
Viewpoint / Police chief urges islanders to be vigilant to avoid becoming a victim of ‘sextortion’In his first contribution to what is set to become a regular column, chief inspector Paul Daley warns of the dangers of ‘sextortion’ and reassures the community that help is at hand
Letters / Women can do anything they choose to do
Letters / A safer future
Letters / Stranded!
Letters / Rural Shetland provides for the centre
Letters / Divide and conquer
Letters / Time to heed their call
Letters / Not a sustainable and resilient option
BBC Filming / Crime drama filming to return to sheriff court on Thursday
BBC Filming / Driving scenes to be filmed in Nesting area on Monday
Community / ‘Public service was his life’ – tributes paid to ex-councillor ‘Slim Jim’Brian Smith has written an obituary for Jim Irvine, who passed away last month
BBC Filming / More crime drama filming in Lerwick on SundayScenes will be shot at the Anderson High School halls of residence and the A970 at the north end of town
Council / Valuation joint board progress
Letters / Please explain to the electorate
BBC Filming / Crime drama filming to move to the street next weekCommercial Street will be closed to vehicle traffic on Tuesday and Wednesday
BBC Filming / Ronas Voe and Twatt next for crime drama team
BBC Filming / Crime drama filming to move to Quendale
Viewpoint / The energy industry’s ‘Dark Secret’The last serious study of how much energy is wasted here in the UK was done by the Association for Decentralised Energy in 2015, writes environmental campaigner Vic Thomas
Letters / Guesswork
BBC Filming / Crime drama crew to return to Gletness for four days of filming
BBC Filming / Lerwick crime drama filming postponed to Friday
Letters / Fresh leadership needed
Letters / Time for Scotland to be independent
Letters / Ridiculous letter
BBC Filming / More lodberry filming for TV crew
Letters / Call it what it is: poverty
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