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Letters / Ethical Shetland
Letters / No Christmas cards, please!
Letters / Working closely with the developer?
Reviews / ‘Public health in public hands’Our reviewer Neil Riddell was impressed by Miriam Brett’s first time appearance on the BBC Question Time programme on Thursday night
Letters / Letters: How much is it going to cost?
Letters / Clinging on to Westminster at our peril
Irvine Interiors
Letters / Technology for technology’s sake
Letters / Living beyond our means
Market House / Life is getting more complicated but Advocacy Shetland is here to help
Letters / Patrolling the Kergord road
Letters / An autonomous future to look forward to
Letters / Clinging on?
Viewpoint / HIAL’s air traffic controller recruitment: a view from withinA ‘perceived’ recruitment crisis for air traffic controllers at island airports is being used by airport operator HIAL to further its ATC centralisation plans, writes Peter Henderson who has been working at Kirkwall airport’s control tower for 18 years
Letters / We cannot forget about this
Letters / Disbenefits are huge
Letters / People are worried, frightened, angry and upset
Letters / ‘I see no contradiction’
Letters / For the benefit of the community – keep the garden
Letters / Genuine questions
Letters / Short changed
Letters / Peat propaganda
Features / Neolithic knife found at Staney Hill ‘very significant’
Letters / An admission of powerlessness
Coronavirus / Why face masks are an effective tool against the spread of the Covid-19 virus
Letters / Extraordinary times
Letters / The law of unintended consequences
Letters / Out of touch attitude
Letters / The ‘definite odour of cover-up‘
Letters / Planning system unfit for purpose
Viewpoint / Autonomy debate returns to ShetlandAhead of Wednesday’s council meeting, modern political history PhD student Mathew Nicolson argues that the latest bid for self-determination reflects grievances with centralisation and the continued erosion of local government powers rather than the desire for full autonomy.
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