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Candidates / John Fraser

John Fraser
Candidate Name John Finlay Sinclair Fraser
Electoral Ward Lerwick North
Description (if any) Independent

If the people of Lerwick North support me in my endeavours to become their Shetland Islands Councillor, I will:

  • Campaign for a democratically elected Shetland Charitable Trust.
  • Seek an end to closed door council meetings.
  • Place pressure on the Scottish Government to deliver on the promise to reduce fares between Shetland and the Scottish mainland.
  • Request a full public review of service provision at Lerwick Health Centre.
  • Demand an immediate reversal in the decision to make the boat default choice of transport for patients travelling to Aberdeen.
  • Ensure that adequate community based service provision is in place prior to the closure of Gilbert Bain Hospital Ronas Ward.
  • Lobby for robust fit for purpose service provision for those suffering mental ill health.
  • Make myself available to listen the queries, concerns and ideas of the residents of Lerwick North.

A bit about me:

Raised and still living in Lerwick I have a deep affection “fir da toon” and Shetland as a whole. It would be a privilege to represent my community.

I have always had an interest in local politics, have significant life experience and have held a number of roles which equips me with the requisite skill and knowledge to be an effective Shetland Islands councillor.

I have held various roles in NHS Shetland, worked several years as a bank manager and have served on Lerwick Community Council, Anderson High School Parents Council, Shetland Churches Charitable Trust, Shetland Alcohol and Drugs Partnership and Shetland Mental Health Partnership. Such experience will be invaluable in the council chamber.

My Key Policy Areas:

Democratically elected Shetland Charitable Trust:

As of September 2016 Shetland Charitable Trust investments stood at a value of £220 million. Money that belongs to the people of Shetland. The management of your oil money must be transparent with trustees held to account where necessary.

I will campaign for an independent trust with a majority of directly elected trustees in order to close the democratic deficit in the management of almost half of Shetland’s oil money.

Shetland Islands Council transparency:

A basic tenet to democracy is an open, transparent decision making process which is subject to public scrutiny. I will move for an end to the current practice of closed council meetings.

Lifeline transport services:

We have waited too long for the promised reduction in fares for lifeline transport links to mainland Scotland. I will place pressure on the Scottish Government to deliver.

Lerwick Health Centre:

I will press for a full public review of Lerwick Health Centre to highlight both areas of strength and to identify solutions where public service provision falls short of reasonable expectations.

Patient transport:

I will work with likeminded councillors and members of the community to reverse NHS Shetland’s decision to make the ferry the default mode of transport for patients travelling to Aberdeen.

Intermediate care:

I will endeavour to ensure that community-based services are robust, fit-for-purpose and monitored whilst preserving the availability of hospital-based care for as long as it is required.

Contact details:
Mobile: 07564 814619