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Isobel Johnson
Candidate Name Isobel Johnson
Electoral Ward Shetland North
Description (if any) Scottish Conservative & Unionist

My name is Isobel Johnson, I live at Symbister, Whalsay. Our business is retail. I do office work, clean toilets etc. I am on the congregational board of our local kirk. I am very old. I stand as a conservative candidate for the North Mainland, for the following:-

  • I am backing Britain and its accountable parliament.
  • I am backing the council. I want to stop Holyrood taking more powers. I want to stop its centralising policies.
  • I am backing the fishing industry. I want Britain to have control of our coastal waters to the 200-mile limit in accordance with international law. I want to stop Nicola Sturgeon giving them away to Europe.
  • No more referendum (at least for a generation).
    Clement Attlee once said, “The referendum has only too often been the instrument of nazism and fascism.” Hitler had 4 prior to WWII.