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David Sandison
Chair of the Shetland UHI board Davie Sandison.
Candidate Name Davie Sandison
Electoral Ward Shetland Central
Description (if any) Independent

I have been honoured to serve as a councillor for the Central Ward for the last five years. It has been a very challenging time and I have gained significant experience and understanding of how the council works for the people of Shetland. I’m seeking your 1st vote to continue working on your behalf with the same resolve.


  • Continuing to protect our reserves so that they can still be used for current and future generations.
  • We must redouble efforts to lobby Scottish Government for a fair distribution of grant.  

Economy & Housing

  • Shetland’s traditional industries are the backbone of our economy and must be supported. I am a staunch advocate for the seafood industry.
  • I strongly support further development of Scalloway Harbour, for multi-use, including the lucrative oil & gas support for West of Shetland.
  • It is vital this council seeks clarity about what will replace agriculture support schemes after Brexit.
  • Lack of areas for housing development remains a big challenge for Scalloway and Burra.


  • We cannot cut support for teachers further and there is no appetite for closing schools. Instead, we will need to consider limits to subject choice and the use of remote teaching technology.
  • I want to see the new Anderson High School stand out as a high achiever in Scottish attainment tables again.  
  • I will continue to take a strong lead to protect the colleges in the future – investing for the benefit of the young people of Shetland.
  • I will continue to push the council to support the development of childcare. The upcoming increase in entitlement is a huge undertaking and needs careful planning.


  • We must pressure the Scottish Government to take responsibility for funding our internal ferries, and make the case for tunnels as the longer-term option.
  • I will continue to seek substantial reductions in external ferry fares for both passengers and freight.

Health & Social Care

  • As pressure grows to cut costs, the priority must be to protect the most vulnerable in our islands.
  • The council are building a first-class facility in the new Eric Gray Centre. I will continue to prioritise support for care services.
  • We must ensure our elderly and vulnerable receive a tailored care package.
  • We must do everything we can to tackle fuel poverty.

Council powers

  • I am opposed to any further centralising of decision making powers in Edinburgh and will campaign for powers to be brought back to Shetland.

Why am I standing again?

  • I was clear when I stood in the last council that it would take more than one term to sort out all the problems and restore stability, change the culture of reliance and protect the core services we all deserve and rely on. I believe the last council did a very good job, in the face of huge challenges, and achieved more than I would have expected. However, we are now faced with even worse cuts in funding and we need to prioritise and plan for that eventuality. I believe that a culture of mutual respect and cooperation between members and council officials and workforce is essential in making things happen. That is how I have built my own management style and I know it works.
  • If you feel I have the correct balance of tenacity and level headedness to help represent your views and aspirations for our community, please put a 1 against my name on the ballot paper on 4th May

Contact details:
Phone: 01595 880317
Email: Daviesandison@aol.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/davie.sandison