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Brian Nugent
Candidate Name Brian Nugent
Electoral Ward Shetland Central
Description (if any)  

I moved to Shetland in 1992 with my wife Margaret to work at Shetland College. I live in the ward in Hamnavoe, Burra.

Our three children went to Hamnavoe Primary, then Scalloway Junior High. Two of our children were there when the council decided, against all the evidence, to close what was a really good school. I was involved in the campaign to try to keep Scalloway Junior High open.

The new Anderson High was long overdue. Funded and championed by the Scottish Government, this major building work was jumped up the queue ahead of other councils’ projects, so credit to the Scottish Government.

I have local experience including working at Shetland College, being the union secretary there and representing the college membership on union/council management committees.

I am a member of Sustainable Shetland, a pass-keeper at St Margaret’s in Lerwick and I volunteer for a local charity.

I retired from Shetland College three years ago. Currently, I am a relief porter at Gilbert Bain. I will become an OAP this year, I will have the time to spend on council duties.

If elected, I will work with other councillors to pursue: –

  • open council meetings
  • a review of council structures
  • decentralisation of SIC departments
  • investigation of fixed links
  • keeping schools open
  • using Shetland produce in schools and care homes
  • enhancing Shetland College
  • local fishing industry input to NAFC
  • a democratically elected Shetland Charitable Trust.
  • high speed broadband for all households
  • mobile phone coverage in all areas
  • what is going on at SIC HQ, the White House

I was Chair of Yes Shetland during the Scottish Independence referendum in 2014. I campaigned for Danus Skene in the 2015 Westminster election and the 2016 Scottish election campaigns.I worked for a Leave vote in the EU referendum with Scottish Leave Left in 2016.

I mention the above to make the point that I am not an Independent. I joined the SNP in 2015. I was too late in applying to use the party name in this election. I want voters to know where I stand, I do not want to hide behind the Independent banner; I will leave that to others.

I am sure that all council candidates will want to do the best for their wards but everyone should be aware that more cuts are coming.

UK politics will play into local politics. The Westminster government is tied into George Osborne’s austerity policy. The UK government continue to cut the block grant to the Scottish government.

This council, along with all the others in Scotland, will be managing decline for the UK government. Ultimately, the only solution is independence for Scotland.


Contact details:
Phone: 01595 859475
Mobile: 07852 942 460
Email: yesshetland@gmail.com