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Alastair Cooper
Candidate Name Alastair Thomas James Cooper
Electoral Ward Shetland North
Description (if any) Independent

I have over 50 years local government experience with a record of getting things done. I know the community well and regularly attend meetings throughout the ward. I have always had a keen interest in all aspects of the local economy especially agriculture, fishing and aquaculture.

I have worked to create a sustainable future for Shetland by seeking to broaden the economy so that it can withstand the ups and downs of our traditional industries. My experience has taught me to maximise whatever opportunities arise.

SULLOM VOE: I have been involved in securing oil related business since 1975. In my first council term I fought to secure the gas plant, in the second I saw it built and the challenge in the third will be to see Enquest take over operatorship of the terminal.  

They and the council need to work together to build a reduced operating cost attractive to new business. The future currently lies West of Shetland and if elected I will work to get Hurricane and Chevron to bring their oil and gas to Shetland.    

Increased volumes would encourage the recruitment of young residents to train and man the terminals rather than depending on an external workforce.

TELECOMMUNICATIONS: The current broadband and mobile upgrades will not provide total coverage. I will advocate that Shetland Telecom do more to provide a resilient service to smaller operators who may step into areas where BT and the mobile operators will not serve.

HOUSING: Existing social housing stock will continue to be refurbished. I want more starter homes provided in our ward. I would like to see the council, as land owner, work alongside local social enterprises to access funds from the Rural Housing Fund to build these homes. The council should also consider serviced sites at reduced cost for first time home owners.

TRANSPORT: I seek an external ferry service which leaves later in the day thereby allowing a longer working day for those exporting. The local bus service, while serving the majority need of those travelling to work, needs to do more to allow folk to commute within the ward.

EDUCATION: School closures will arise again in the next council. I will work, as I have done in the last two councils, to maintain the school estate in the ward.

CARE OF THE ELDERLY: An increasingly elderly population is a challenge for the council. I know more can be done to target better the limited resources available and will work to that end.

COUNCIL FINANCES: We’ve balanced the books but it’s not going to last unless we do more. I will do what is necessary to keep them balanced and work to preserve services in our ward.  

The recently approved capital programme has no new builds in the next five years ,which is unacceptable to me. I want to see a new Toft Pier built and new kirkyards or extensions at Voe and Laxobiggin.

BREXIT: I will support the case which preserves our traditional industries.


Please speak to me about issues that are important to you.

Contact details:
Phone: 01806 242468
Mobile: 07990 540708
Email: moorspark@btinternet.com