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Ian Tinkler
Candidate Name Ian Tinkler
Electoral Ward Shetland West
Description (if any)  

Be in absolutely no doubt, rural Shetland, the Shetland Isles and our very way of life is under threat. Pending hardships as not seen for many, many decades menace our rural communities.

Centralisation to Edinburgh, by the Scottish Government and further centralisation to Lerwick by our islands’ council could damage the very fabric of all our rural communities.

Just a few facts for the peoples of the Shetland West ward:

  • Aith Junior High School and all rural schools are very much under threat, again;
  • Shetland has lost 23 per cent in Scottish Government funding over the past seven years. £8 million in the last few years alone!
  • Our health services have been cut, with many more cuts to services threatened!
    • No air transport for sick patients;
    • No West Side community psychiatric nurse;
    • No full time West Side health visitor;
    • No West Side practice physiotherapist;
    • No guarantees that the Bixter surgery will remain open!

We still live with the threat of Viking Energy hanging over our heads! Now the “North Atlantic Energy Network” with its multiple interconnectors is planned.

We have our present political leader, refusing openness, advocating behind closed doors seminars, to save himself and others embarrassment and “the glare of the media”.

Add to this, the divisive INDYREF2 proposal and now fear-provoking BREXIT almost upon us!

There is a way for Shetland to avoid all this. A fully autonomous, self-sufficient Shetland, free of centralised control, could avoid all this. We could achieve so very much more.

Look to the Faroe Islands for a comparison example. So very like Shetland in many ways but without the oil.

Here is a single, simple example of what autonomous Faroe has achieved: any sick patient, more than two hours by ferry from hospital, has the right of helicopter transport by Atlantic Airlines (Faroe’s own airline). That’s any ill patient seeking a hospital visit, not just emergency casualty evacuations.

All the above are verifiable facts. Full information about myself, my manifesto and aspirations are on my website https://www.iantinklerwildcroft.com/    

Contact details:
Phone (work): 01595 695553
Mobile: 07918653601
Email: ian_tinkler@btinternet.com