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Beatrice Wishart
Candidate Name Beatrice Wishart
Electoral Ward Lerwick South
Description (if any) Independent

Why am I standing?

I’ve decided to stand for election to the council and offer to the voters of Lerwick South my commitment, experience and a desire to get things done. If elected, I will work collaboratively with others, locally and nationally, for the benefit of the whole of Shetland.

The 2012-17 council will be remembered for tackling the inherited dire financial situation and for improving governance of the council but the new administration will have to make sure that the council continues to live within its means. With ever tightening budgets there will be more tough choices ahead.

The major challenges will be to protect Shetland’s economy from whatever Brexit and the changes at Sullom Voe will bring while safeguarding the local and front line services that people rely on – in social care, for example, where demand is increasing as the population ages, and in education. We are, at last, going to have a state-of-the-art high school for the benefit of all of Shetland’s secondary pupils, but whatever decisions are made about the use of the old school site local residents should have their say. Building 300 new houses at Staney Hill will mean changes in Lerwick’s primary school provision so let’s deal with capacity issues now and not just when it becomes a problem.

My view on trustees for Shetland Charitable Trust is that they should be democratically elected, and councillor trustees should be at the table.

Transport affects everything we do. Pressure must continue on the Scottish Government to get equitable finance for our internal ferry service and external ferry fares.
I support the use of council services, like the free bus travel scheme for job seekers, to help tackle inequality issues, and will work with our MSYPs to promote the engagement of young people with the council.
There are many other issues including road safety at Bell’s Brae Primary School/Gilbertson Road, the Black Gaet and Shurton Brae junctions; digital connectivity which is holding back some areas of Shetland; and the need for an early resolution to the problems with the council’s headquarters building at the North Ness.

Councillors should be accessible to seek your views and keep you informed. If elected, I will aim to do both.

Who I am

Born in Lerwick into a politically-active family I’ve been involved, like many people throughout Shetland, in a variety of voluntary and community activities over the years. I served on Bell’s Brae and Anderson High School Boards, and for a time chaired them both. I was on Lerwick Community Council, and became the first woman president of the Rotary Club of Shetland.

I moved to Orkney to work for Alistair Carmichael MP but for the last 10 years I’ve been home in Lerwick, working in the Shetland Parliamentary Office where I assist with, and have gained considerable experience in, a wide variety of constituency casework.

I’m a trustee of Shetland Women’s Aid, a member of WASPI (Women Against State Pension Inequality) and a Liberal Democrat.

Two of my three daughters and my five grandchildren live in Shetland.

Contact details:
Email: wishartlerwick@gmail.com
Mobile: 07543 073104
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BeatriceWishartforLerwickSouth/