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Malcolm Bell
Candidate Name Malcolm John Bell
Electoral Ward Lerwick North
Description (if any)  

For the past five years I have had the honour and privilege of representing the residents of Lerwick North and Bressay on Shetland Islands Council. My whole career has been spent in public service and without question this period has been the most rewarding. I now respectfully seek your first preference vote to ensure I can continue working, on your behalf, in the town hall.

I have set out my pledges on my website at http://www.malcolmbell.eu and in my leaflet. These include achieving:

  • Housing which meets our needs
  • Reliable and affordable transport for all
  • Better broadband and mobile phone coverage
  • The best services for our elderly and vulnerable
  • The best services for our children and young people
  • Bringing decision making back to Shetland

All of this is underpinned by my commitment to promote trust, fairness and stability in everything I do as a councillor and my personal promise to be available to all who require my assistance.

In the face of the most sustained government budget cuts post-war, this council has actually achieved a lot. To name a few: the new Anderson High School, new Eric Gray Centre, resolving the housing debt, an end to reckless overspending and proper management of the reserves, meaning we can spend more, than we otherwise could, on vital services such as care of the elderly.

Whilst it is clear government funding will continue to be cut, if re-elected I will strive to ensure the new council continues to work together, with other organisations and across all our communities, to achieve the best possible outcomes.

From all my years working in public service, one thing is clear: building trust and working in partnership achieve the best results. By doing so, even when money is tight, we can find ways to protect our valued services, prioritising care of the elderly, education and childcare, housing, tackling inequality and fuel poverty.

I will campaign to ensure we maintain levels of service on our internal ferries and that the government meets its commitment to fully fund it, just as they do on the west coast. I will also campaign to ensure that government delivers its pledge to reduce fares on our lifeline ferry route to Aberdeen. I will work to find ways to improve our external air links in terms of both cost and reliability. NHS patients travelling to Aberdeen must continue to have a choice between air and ferry.

I believe my background and experience in the police, other public services and for the last five years as a councillor and Convener will help me, if re-elected, to ensure we can continue to build a better, fairer Shetland for everyone. I would be honoured to, again, have your support.

I hope to meet you during the campaign and hear from you about what your priorities are. My contact details are below. Also, why not take part in my ward survey? It will only take a few minutes to complete, is confidential and will help me to understand what is important to you.

My ward survey can be found at: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/ZPJB7LL

Contact details:
Phone: 01595 692643
Mobile: 07777 607741
Email: mj.bell@btopenworld.com
Facebook: facebook.com/malcolmj.bell
Twitter: @malcolm_bell