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Candidates / Lynsay Cunningham

Lynsay Cunningham
Candidate Name Lynsay Anne Cunningham
Electoral Ward North Isles
Description (if any) Independent

Vote for Lynsay Cunningham if you want to improve the rural education system and ensure every pupil has the opportunity to finish their basic education while residing at home. I have a new vision for the future of the education system. I want to change and update the junior high school (JHS) model and evolve them into full high schools.

Individuals, who leave at 16, fail to obtain essential highers required for college courses, degree courses and apprenticeships. Attending college before obtaining highers can restrict your ability to advance in further education if you wish to change subject areas.

Pupil’s attainment levels at JHS are excellent so why make pupils attend the Anderson High School to continue their basic education?

Is it a question of history? It is certainly not cost-effective to house and feed 70-80 young adults away from home for free. I firmly believe that the current antiquated education system in Shetland is broken and failing students every year.

I know numerous people who were put off going onto finish their basic education due to the need to change schools and move away from home. The question is: if a single child is left behind how is this still acceptable?

How many people have been failed by the system? The truth is no one knows and the real attainment gap is not being recorded. Moving higher education into the rural communities will increase school numbers, ensure that teaching posts are full positions but most importantly give equal opportunity to all pupils. This model for education seeks to improve educational attainment for our young people and will save the council money.

I realise change is never easy but it is time to improve education for the future of our young people and our islands.

Our islands are a vital part of the Shetland economy and in order for businesses to succeed it is essential that infrastructure to the mainland meets demand. I believe that fixed links are the only solution, not only will they save money but will also allow business expansion, freedom for people and security for the future of the islands. It is time to invest in our islands and rural areas.

If you would like to read more about my views on housing, council budgets or transport please visit my website: www.yellshetland.co.uk

I was recently asked how I would describe myself in three words, my answer was: conscientious, creative and honest.

A lecturer once described me as the Chinese element of wood because I was strong willed but also flexible and able to listen and hear other people’s ideas and take them on board.

If you agree it is time for change, please vote for me.

Contact details:
Phone: 01957 744313
Email: email@yellshetland.co.uk
Website: www.yellshetland.co.uk
Facebook: www.facebook.com/northisles/