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Letters / The difference between reinstatement and restoration
Energy / SSEN Transmission responds to subsea cable concerns
Letters / Self-praise is no honour
Energy / Energy Isles wind farm proposal to face opposition
Letters / ‘Out of touch’
Viewpoint / Uncertain future as isles are turned into an industrialised landscape
Letters / Time for real community benefit
Council / Council grants works licence for subsea cable
Energy / Sustainable Shetland questions SSE’s motives
Energy / Campaign group welcomes gas power station proposal
Energy / Campaign group objects to cable application
Letters / Call for independent inquiry into Shetland’s energy needs
Letters / Ofgem approval far from certain
Letters / No confidence in wind turbines and interconnectors
Letters / A responsibility they cannot shirk
Letters / Open letter to SIC: Call for a wind farms impact assessment on island communities
Opinions / Shetland has again all eggs in one basketThe focus on building a 600Megawatt subsea cable is preventing investment in local renewable energy projects, writes James Mackenzie, the outgoing vice-chairman of Sustainable Shetland, the grassroots group that opposes the Viking Energy wind farm.
Letters / Time to make your voice heard
Election letters 2019 / ‘Smokescreen’ of pre-development operations
Energy / Planners seek legal advice on Viking ground investigations
Letters / A one trick pony fighting a disastrous battle
Letters / Viking wind farm project all wrong for Shetland
Letters / Will the community benefit payments be adequate? (Viking Energy)
Letters / Proud of resisting Viking Energy
Letters / Indignant or gloating? (Viking Energy)
Energy / ‘No surprise’ say campaigners in response to Viking variation consentPeat ‘unlikely to be good locations’ for building wind farms, says Greenpeace
Campaigners call for halt on wind farms
Letters / One large wind farm (Mossy Hill wind farm)
Letters / Adding insult to injury
Council / Turbine increase gets full backing from council
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