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Letters / Proud of resisting Viking Energy

Jonathan Wills’ latest letter (Indignant or gloating? SN, 10 June 2019) is such a typical infantile tirade from yesterday’s man.

Poor Jonathan blames all but himself and his cabal of fellow ex-councillors and trustees. The simple fact is, if the people of Shetland had ever been fairly balloted about VE and if folk of Shetland had unambiguously approved the project of Viking Energy, Sustainable Shetland would have never had a mandate for objecting to VE.

All the actions and objections are entirely down to the Hunter/Wills school of resisting public opinion and not even trying to assess it!!

The simple fact is that they so feared the result of any public referendum; they forced this project through against the wishes of so many.

I for one am certainly not smug, but so very proud of the public for resisting against huge odds, financial and political, this revolting project and its proponents for so long.

Ian Tinkler