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Energy / Viking vows to implement better water management measures
Police / Police investigate possible threat to Viking Energy construction company
Letters / Genuine questions
Energy / Access restriction for Viking site under review
Coronavirus / Donation offer to MRI scanner appeal generates mixed reactions
Letters / Short changed
Promote Shetland - Monthly Prize Draw
Letters / Peat propaganda
Energy / ‘Robbing Peter to pay Paul’World leading expert on peatlands says blanket bog is the one habitat wind farms should not be built on
Health / MRI appeal in line to receive £200,000 from wind farm benefit fundThe donation would mean the appeal would nearly reach its £1.65m target
Letters / An admission of powerlessness
Letters / The law of unintended consequences
Council / Change of Viking Energy ownership had no impact on land leases
Energy / Land court satisfied with Viking Energy’s larger wind turbines
Letters / Planning system unfit for purpose
Letters / They will go down in history
Energy / Work on Upper Kergord electricity stations to kick off soon
Energy / Delays expected for drivers as wind farm work picks up pace
Viewpoint / ‘We are blessed with abundant potential at a time the world needs it most’
Letters / A council without empathy
Letters / Power deficit
Letters / ‘I am 20 years old, and they will be here until I am over 60’
Energy / Vestas wins Viking Energy turbine contract
Letters / SIC lobbied relentlessly for Viking
Letters / Don’t speak ill of the dead
Letters / In fear of the developer?
Letters / ‘Out of touch’
Letters / ‘Reticent’ former councillors
Council / Planning committee approves Viking Energy construction compound applicationPreparatory work for the wind farm is starting this week
Council / Councillor calls for more local control over decision-making on projects like Viking Energy
Letters / My views on Viking Energy
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