Letters / ‘Out of touch’

It comes as no surprise that the SIC planning committee have approved the larger Voe construction compound.

Planning committee approves Viking Energy construction compound application

With all the add ons to the original Viking Energy consent that have also conveniently been approved by the SIC this nightmare project just gets worse.


It is, however, not acceptable that current councillors should blame the debacle that we in now on their predecessors.

They have had ample opportunities to voice their disquiet about the Viking Energy wind farm and restrict the development more than they have; the Voe compound is yet another example of that.

In a response to the recent Ofgem consultation the SIC voiced wholehearted support for the interconnector, not to mention supporting the Energy Hub proposal which envisages yet more wind farms.

SIC believes energy construction projects will ease economic pressures

Clearly, the SIC is out of touch with the opinions of a large section of the community and must expect continued strong and well-justified criticism of their actions.

Frank Hay
Sustainable Shetland