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Letters / One large wind farm (Mossy Hill wind farm)

Having been following the negotiations between Peel Energy and planners via the SIC planning website regarding the proposed Mossy Hill wind farm I was surprised to see the SIC planning department recommending approval (Councillors recommended to approve Mossy Hill wind farm plans; SN, 9/04/19) in spite of significant objections from locals, including two community councils.

There appear to be some issues that have not been fully resolved, notably MOD concerns and the location of at least one turbine on good quality peatland.

That “renewable energy targets” outweigh environmental concerns about the construction phase of this is certainly open to question. Just where is this power going to be transmitted? Already wind farms in Scotland are being paid to switch off when supply exceeds demand.

I very much doubt if the concerns of objectors can be fully addressed by conditions. The principal concerns are that a significant number of properties are within 2km of the proposed site as is the Sandy Loch reservoir. Leaching into local water courses from a large construction site like this will be difficult to prevent. Increasingly, health issues caused by low frequency noise are being acknowledged in wind farm areas.

These are very large turbines and will be the dominant feature of the hills above Lerwick. They will not magically appear there, the construction phase would be highly disruptive for locals. Further disruption will be required as cabling is installed to the proposed converter station in Weisdale.

I would urge councillors on the planning committee to consider carefully before approving this as, sadly, Shetland moves towards being one large wind farm.

Frank Hay
Sustainable Shetland