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Coronavirus / Level three restrictions set to staySchools will remain closed to the majority of children until at least mid-February
Updated Isles register further Covid-related deathShetland’s vaccination numbers, meanwhile, are lower than those of other island communities
Coronavirus / New Covid vaccine to be used from next week
Coronavirus / New Covid vaccine arrives
Education / Union’s home learning request ‘justified’ by new school arrangements
Coronavirus / Fourteen more Covid cases recorded
Viking Energy - Newsletter - Wind Farm & Transmission Link
Coronavirus / Four more Covid cases confirmedShetland is ‘by no means out of the woods yet’, health board warns
Coronavirus / Health board says new vaccine is ‘the one we have been waiting for’It was announced this morning that the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine has become the second to be approved for use in the UK
Coronavirus / Council convener calls for community to pull together amid rise in casesIt comes as two more Covid cases were confirmed overnight
Coronavirus / Another four Covid cases confirmed
Coronavirus / Ten more Covid cases confirmed in last 24 hoursLevel four ‘almost certain’ if infection rate continues, community warned
Coronavirus / Indoor care home visits suspended
Shetland Charitable Trust - Small Grant Scheme
Coronavirus / Indoor visiting at Brae care home suspended following new cases in area
Coronavirus / Health board expects more Covid cases as figure rises againPublic health principal Elizabeth Robinson ‘extremely worried’ by the new cases
Coronavirus / New Covid-19 case not linked to off-island travel
Coronavirus / Care home residents now receiving Covid vaccine
Coronavirus / Local businesses report 70 job losses during pandemic
Health / Government provides £4m towards health board’s Covid costs
Updated NHS worker receives isles’ first Covid vaccineSam Wylie said said she felt lucky and “relieved” to be the first person in Shetland to get vaccinated against Covid-19
Coronavirus / Self-isolation period reduces to 10 days
Coronavirus / Covid vaccines arrive in isles
Features / Local musicians philosophical and resilient in the face of Covid-19 havocAbsence of live scene has overhauled touring musicians’ working life
Coronavirus / Person with Covid-19 ‘stable’ in Gilbert Bain, health board confirmsIslanders advised to ‘choose between’ existing restrictions or extended Christmas bubble
Coronavirus / Covid-19 vaccinations set to begin across Scotland next week‘This is a marathon not a sprint’, says NHS Shetland chief executive
Community / Trust agrees ‘safety net’ for key charities
Coronavirus / Board hears of some of the logistical challenges of Covid vaccine roll-out
Coronavirus / Over 40 fines issued for coronavirus breaches since April
Coronavirus / Health board confirms new case of Covid-19
Coronavirus / Worries raised over possible transport ‘bottlenecks’ when restrictions ease at ChristmasNorthern Isles MP Alistair Carmichael said there is likely to be ‘massive amounts of pressure on plane and ferry services’
Community / Trust proposes Covid-19 contingency fund of up to £1.3 millionValue of investments now exceeds £410m as equity markets recover
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