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Climate / Councillors voice concern that Shetland’s interest might not be heard in the race for large green energy projectsShetland carbon footprint calculated at 650,000 tonnes
Climate / Gilbert Bain replacement essential to meet CO2 targets, health board hearsReport recommends new ‘zero carbon’ hospital
Business / Loganair looks to go green with ambitious plan to become carbon neutral
Climate / SIC keen to identify projects to ‘get us to net zero’, new climate team leader saysClaire Ferguson heads up Shetland Islands Council’s new climate change team – and she is keen for ‘open dialogue’ with the community on the subject
Climate / Folk urged to respond to council climate change survey
Business / Strathclyde University partners with Shetland renewables project
Climate / UK Government and oil industry agree green transition deal
Business / New energy sector has big potential, Gear says after returning to isles
Climate / SIC embarks on campaign for cheaper electricity pricesIslanders need to benefit from cheap green energy, council insists
Climate / Hydrogen – a future for the isles beyond petroleum?Shetland Islands Council is choosing the ‘industrial’ approach to tackle the climate emergency
Climate / Latest figures confirm extent of fuel povertySome help is available locally but Wishart urges Scottish Government to do more
Climate / Council responds to calls to divest from fossil fuels
Living Lerwick - The Queen's Platinum Jubilee Beacon Trail - 30 April - 12 June
Climate / Pelagic fish a ‘climate smart food source’
Climate / Council looks to recruit to ‘very important’ climate change role
Climate / Port of Sullom Voe could support delivery of offshore wind infrastructure, council says
Climate / Call to find a green way out of the Covid-19 crisis
Climate / Challenges ahead on the path to sustainable travelClimate Action Shetland hopes for climate conversations across the isles
Climate / Taking the plane turns out to be better for the climateAnalysis of carbon emissions of Shetland’s external transport links comes up with surprising result
Climate / Individual responsibility a key focus at latest climate strikeShetland Islands Council also hosts event aimed at sparking conversation on climate change
Climate / Shetland to participate in Valentine’s Day climate strike
Climate / Council committed to action on climate changeCampaigners and the council call on the community to work together to reduce carbon footprint
Climate / SIC ‘recognises global climate emergency’The statement comes after a petition was handed to the SIC on Wednesday morning
Climate / Climate group wants ‘greater response’ from SIC
Climate / SIC to discuss climate change as grassroots group hands in petition
Climate / Help is at hand to cut your energy bills
Climate / 2019 – ‘the year we realised climate change is real’
Climate / Greenpeace stage protest against Shell in Brent field
Climate / Petition calls on SIC to declare climate emergency
Climate / Council to revise carbon plan targets
Climate / Sun shines in town as Lerwick joins global climate strike
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