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Business / Oil industry logistics firm pledges to be carbon neutral by the end of 2022

Peterson aims to operate carbon neutral by the end of next year.

AN INTERNATIONAL energy logistics company with a strong presence in Shetland has pledged to go carbon neutral by the end of next year and reach net-zero by 2025.

Peterson said the company hopes to reach these ambitious targets by investing in energy efficient plant and new technical solutions as well as buying carbon credits to offset any excess emissions.

The company, which operates from 27 sites in seven countries, said the move would give them a competitive edge as governments around the world increasingly insist on carbon neutrality.

Based at the Greenhead in Lerwick, Peterson is also a partner in the consortium that is currently decommissioning the Ninian Northern oil platform at Dales Voe.

Carbon neutrality means not adding new greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to the atmosphere.

Where emissions continue, they must be offset by absorbing an equivalent amount from the atmosphere, for example through carbon capture and reforestation that is supported by carbon credit schemes.

Net-zero means no carbon is being emitted from the start, so no carbon needs to be captured or offset.

HSEQ director Keith Dawson said Peterson would switch to an all-electric forklift fleet, use environmentally friendly fuels in the company’s cranes and trucks, as well as utilising wind, turbine and solar power to operate facilities.

“Our first priority here is with our trucks and forklifts to achieve zero tail pipe emissions. We are aware that net zero is not yet achievable by Peterson, but through offsetting we will ensure all operations including Shetland will be carbon neutral by the end of 2022,” he said.

Asked how this can be achieved in Shetland where most of the electricity generated comes from burning fossil fuels, Dawson said the company’s carbon management plan for its local operations was still being worked on and is expected to be approved next year.

“The supply of electric, as you so correctly pointed out, is through burning fossils,” Dawson said.

“Peterson will review the supply chain and seek to identify alternatives to burning fossil fuels (…).

“Whilst some of these objectives may not be readily available in all areas of our business, Peterson will explore all avenues both in our achievement of PAS206 (carbon neutrality) in 2022 and net zero in 2025.”

Earlier this year, Peterson’s Edzell facility was the first site to be certified as carbon neutral and six more sites are set to reach this milestone by the end of 2021, Dawson added.