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Coronavirus / Around 60 folk self-isolating in connection with latest Covid cases
Energy / Viking vows to implement better water management measures
Police / Police investigate possible threat to Viking Energy construction company
Updated First minister announces tough new Covid-19 restrictions but no national lockdown
Energy / Access restriction for Viking site under review
Coronavirus / Donation offer to MRI scanner appeal generates mixed reactions
Promote Shetland - Monthly Prize Draw
Energy / ‘Robbing Peter to pay Paul’World leading expert on peatlands says blanket bog is the one habitat wind farms should not be built on
Coronavirus / Brae fire brigade told to self-isolate after confirmed Covid-19 case
Council / Leask resigns from senior position over question of self-determination
Coronavirus / Councillor reports back after second night spent in town centre
Coronavirus / NHS Shetland confirms more new Covid-19 cases
Coronavirus / NHS Shetland confirms first Covid-19 case in local school
Marine / Statsraad Lehmkuhl to set sail again after short visit
Coronavirus / Care home staff urged to get tested for Covid-19
Coronavirus / Police want to work with community to get Covid message across
Coronavirus / Councillor appalled by what he saw at Harrison Square
Community / Dennis Nilsen ITV drama has local angle
Council / Change of Viking Energy ownership had no impact on land leases
Energy / Land court satisfied with Viking Energy’s larger wind turbines
Updated Government announces new restrictions as number of Covid infections remains high
Council / Council ‘notes’ petitions with no further debate
Council / Out of court agreement settles White House dispute
Coronavirus / ‘Pubs opened before youth clubs’Responding to the weekend’s gathering in Lerwick, one of Shetland’s members of the Scottish youth parliament says young people have no choice but to meet outside
Brexit / Carmichael bids to make fishing safer by adding to MCA’s responsibilities
Politics / Todd calls on Wishart to play constructive part in budget talks
Business / Global accountancy firm predicts poor economic outlook for the islesThe SIC says new projects such as decommissioning and wind farm developments will drive recovery after Covid
Energy / Energy Isles wind farm proposal to face opposition
Energy / Ninian Northern rig arrives in Lerwick for decommissioning
Health / Flu vaccination more important than everLocal health board scores better than most in vaccination data comparison
Marine / Discarded fishing gear a growing problemFishermen report they haul up rubbish wherever gill netters have been working
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