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Climate / Shetlanders invited to ask the experts about heat pumps

A heat pump newly installed at a property in Lerwick. Photo: CAB

WITH heat pumps widely billed as a central part of Scotland’s journey to net zero, many islanders are now exploring their suitability for properties in Shetland.

To help finding the right answers the local Citizens Advice Bureau has now teamed up Home Energy Scotland to host a number of events during the first week in August where specialist advisers will be on hand to answer questions and offer support.

CAB’s Isa Kristiansen-Bragg said: “Most households looking at heat pumps do so in an effort to cut the carbon footprint of their homes.

“With heating and hot water making up around three quarters of a home’s carbon footprint, a heat pump can make a real difference.

“However, we’re starting to see other benefits appearing, like lower fuel bills and a better quality of warmth”.

Energy adviser Elliot Tait added: “There are a number of schemes that can help fund a heat pump and we will talk through the options with each person to help them find the best fit.”

Giving an example of what positive impact installing a heat pump can have, Tait said that last year he supported a household in Lerwick to replace aging electric storage heaters with an air source heat pump.

“On this occasion the household was in receipt of a particular benefit, making them eligible for a grant to install loft insulation, underfloor insulation and a heat pump,” he said.

Over the first 12 months, the household saved just over £1,000 on their energy bills and the equivalent of six tonnes of CO2.

Tait added: “Our goal is to help households save money on energy bills, reduce their carbon footprint and often achieve a warmer home too, which is exactly what we were able to do for this family”.

Advisers will be in Sound Hall on Tuesday 3 August (3pm-7pm) and in the Aith Hall on Thursday 5 August (3pm-7pm).

To adhere to Covid restrictions, booking is essential. Appointments can be requested on warmerhomes@shetland.org or by calling the Citizens Advice Bureau on 01595 694696.