BBC Filming / Busy Sunday planned for TV crew

Filming taking place at Scousburgh Beach on Thursday. Photo: Kerrie Meyer

THIS coming Sunday (18 April) the production team behind the new series of Shetland will film scenes at three different locations.

These are, with approximate timings:

  • Bigton Cemetery – 10am to 2.30pm
  • Meal Beach, Burra – 2pm to 7pm (the beach will be closed to the general public at this time)
  • Lodberries, Lerwick – 7pm to 11pm.

A section of road between the Church Road junction with Commercial Street (south) and Stout’s Court will be closed to vehicular traffic from 7pm until 10pm.


Parking will also be restricted in the immediate area except for disabled bays in the Lodberry/Water Lane area, while some stop and hold measures may apply to pedestrians in the area for short periods of time too.

People are asked to note that the operational times above overlap given the crew will still be moving out from one location while also setting up at the next. Times may also vary slightly.

The production team offered their sincere apologies for any inconvenience any of this may cause, but they said “thanks so much again for your understanding, co-operation and patience”.



Restrictions will apply to traffic (and people) in the immediate area of the Bigton Cemetery car park.

No traffic restrictions will apply to the Ireland area of Bigton in general, although general traffic management for safety purposes will be undertaken in the area.

Please be aware, however, of a significant increase in traffic in the area with regard to our technical support vehicles entering and leaving the location.


Technical support vehicles will be parked in the car park immediately above the location, so general public parking will be suspended while filming is taking place for logistical and safety reasons.


A significant amount of equipment will be transported by hand down to the beach, so drivers in the area are asked to be aware of this and to proceed with caution, particularly taking note of crew crossing the road here.


The area of south Commercial Street from the Church Road junction/Queens Hotel to Stout’s Court will be closed to vehicular traffic from 7pm until 10pm.

A spokesperson said: “We have also been granted parking restrictions in the immediate area of filming, particularly in the parking bays immediately adjacent to the location (Perez’s house) and the Water Lane flats.

“Your co-operation re this is requested and appreciated. Disabled bays will be unaffected by this restriction.”

“Pedestrian access will be maintained at all times, however you may be subject to short term ‘holds’ while actual filming takes place. This should only be for a few minutes at a time though.

“Once again your co-operation with all this is very much appreciated and again apologies for any inconvenience any of this may cause you.”

Should anyone have any issues directly relating to any of these please contact:

Davie Gardner – Location Manager Shetland – 07867 654 509.

Chris Groves – Unit Manager – 07946 826 721.