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Letters / Shelter is essential
Community / Local crofter proves: trees do grow in ShetlandGrant funding to plant trees available through Scottish Forestry
Letters / Presumptions
Coronavirus / North politicians ask government to consider mass testing at entry points to isles
Letters / Demographic worries
Opinions / If you believe tatties are harmless, read onReflecting on Shetland’s recent and not quite so recent history, Tresta-based crofter and tattie grower Rosa Steppanova has submitted this work of pure fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locals, and incidents are, of course, either the product of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner.
Viking Energy - Newsletter - Wind Farm & Transmission Link
Community / More funding available to get superfast broadband to all areas
Coronavirus / SIC leader stresses importance of Covid guidelines amid tension with NHSCouncils yet to persuade government of case for local variations
Features / Aimee selected for contemporary art exhibition
Arts / LHD fish box lends glamour to pop star’s video‘A bit of free advertising never hurt anybody!’
Dreamy Northern Lights display at St Ninian’s
Arts / Filming for new series of crime drama set to begin in February
Shetland Charitable Trust - Small Grant Scheme
Community / Dennis Nilsen ITV drama has local angle
Viewpoint / ‘We are blessed with abundant potential at a time the world needs it most’
Environment / What’s behind the regular algae bloom outbreaksAs the number of local lochs affected by toxic algae bloom rises to six, the regularly occurring phenomenon is not entirely natural, writes Alex Purbrick.
Brexit / Shetland worse hit by Brexit than most other UK areas – research suggests
Coronavirus / Tourists encouraged to ‘do their bit’ to keep isles safe and well
Coronavirus / NHS appeals for health workers to return to service during virus pandemic
Letters / Open letter – Shetland is Fir Aabody
Community / Isles in top five places to grow up as a girlStudy, however, says ‘girls across the whole of the UK are experiencing challenges as a result of their gender and age – even in the top performing areas’
Marine / Swan trips available to be booked online for the first time
Letters / Historian looking for details of Dr John Walker
Arts / Jimmy Perez to return as two new series confirmed for crime drama
Letters / Do folk living in the Shetland like the TV show ‘Shetland’?
Shetland Lives / Tavish: ‘I will not miss Edinburgh politics’As former Shetland MSP Tavish Scott prepares for a ‘quieter’ life at Scottish Rugby, he spends a Friday afternoon with Shetland News editor Hans J Marter for one last big interview with the local media.
Election / Greens announce candidate for Shetland by-election
Energy / Government plans to cut electricity bills by £17
Politics / Shetland’s own anti-Trump demonstration
Sport / Victory in junior inter-county
Community / Running barefoot to encourage girls to reach the impossible
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