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Arts / Series six of crime drama expected to be broadcast this year
Arts / Fans told to expect ‘utterly compelling’ storyline as series six filming draws to a close
BBC Filming / Filming planned in South Whiteness on Wednesday
BBC Filming / Crime drama filming to move to Catfirth this weekend
BBC Filming / Crime drama filming to head to Da Street on Thursday
BBC Filming / Museum to close to allow for crime drama filming
Business Gateway
Arts / Crime drama crew thank community after shoot
BBC Filming / Busy Sunday planned for TV crew
BBC Filming / Two south end beaches to be closed off for filmingScousburgh road will also be closed for a time on Thursday
BBC Filming / Crime drama filming moves to Foulawick for action scenes
BBC Filming / Crime drama filming to take place around sheriff court on Monday
BBC Filming / Crime drama filming to head to Nesting area later this week
Shetland Charitable Trust - Main Grant Scheme
BBC Filming / Crime drama filming to begin in Bixter on Tuesday
Arts / Crime drama begins filming in Glasgow ahead of trip north in April
Viewpoint / Filming Shetland will be drama-free, BBC assures islandersITV Studios’ producer of the crime drama Shetland, Louise Say, responds to concern voiced here by Tom Morton who earlier this week asked whether it is a good idea to resume filming the popular series as early as April
Viewpoint / ‘Why not wait, Shetland? That’s all. Wait a few weeks’Please come to Shetland, Shetland. But not yet, says Tom Morton.
Letters / Delighted to share the story of my Shetland connection
Community / Lost surfboard reunited with ‘ecstatic’ owner after drifting hundreds of miles to Shetland
Community / Isles will not be forgotten – cost of living researcher says
Letters / Shelter is essential
Community / Local crofter proves: trees do grow in ShetlandGrant funding to plant trees available through Scottish Forestry
Letters / Presumptions
Coronavirus / North politicians ask government to consider mass testing at entry points to isles
Letters / Demographic worries
Opinions / If you believe tatties are harmless, read onReflecting on Shetland’s recent and not quite so recent history, Tresta-based crofter and tattie grower Rosa Steppanova has submitted this work of pure fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locals, and incidents are, of course, either the product of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner.
Community / More funding available to get superfast broadband to all areas
Coronavirus / SIC leader stresses importance of Covid guidelines amid tension with NHSCouncils yet to persuade government of case for local variations
Features / Aimee selected for contemporary art exhibition
Arts / LHD fish box lends glamour to pop star’s video‘A bit of free advertising never hurt anybody!’
Dreamy Northern Lights display at St Ninian’s
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