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Coronavirus / NHS appeals for health workers to return to service during virus pandemic
Letters / Open letter – Shetland is Fir Aabody
Community / Isles in top five places to grow up as a girlStudy, however, says ‘girls across the whole of the UK are experiencing challenges as a result of their gender and age – even in the top performing areas’
Marine / Swan trips available to be booked online for the first time
Letters / Historian looking for details of Dr John Walker
Arts / Jimmy Perez to return as two new series confirmed for crime drama
Letters / Do folk living in the Shetland like the TV show ‘Shetland’?
Shetland Lives / Tavish: ‘I will not miss Edinburgh politics’As former Shetland MSP Tavish Scott prepares for a ‘quieter’ life at Scottish Rugby, he spends a Friday afternoon with Shetland News editor Hans J Marter for one last big interview with the local media.
Election / Greens announce candidate for Shetland by-election
Energy / Government plans to cut electricity bills by £17
Politics / Shetland’s own anti-Trump demonstration
Sport / Victory in junior inter-county
Shetland Charitable Trust - Small Grant Scheme
Community / Running barefoot to encourage girls to reach the impossible
Community / Foodbank demand on the rise againMore than 1,000 parcels with food supplies were distributed locally in 2018/19
Reviews / Shetland finale rounds off ‘most accomplished series yet’
Viewpoint / Brexit – we didn’t vote for this!WE ARE living in unprecedented times with record defeats, cabinet resignations every other week and a woefully ineffective and disunited Labour opposition, writes SNP Highlands and Islands list MSP Maree Todd.
Entertainment / Shetland crime fans in for a ‘powerful’ treatSeries 5 of the popular murder-mystery starts on Tuesday
Features / Photos: The most northerly postie in the UK
Features / 25 years on – what REALLY happened on the Braer?
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