Arts / Crime drama begins filming in Glasgow ahead of trip north in April

Photo: Mark Mainz for ITV Shetland

FILMING of the new series of BBC crime drama Shetland got underway in Glasgow yesterday (Monday).

The cast and crew are then expected to head to Shetland in early April.

The sixth and seventh series of the crime drama are due to be filmed in 2021.

The producers of the show said that filming will be undertaken under strict coronavirus guidelines and that testing of cast and crew will take place before their arrival in Shetland and during shoots.

Filming Shetland will be drama-free, BBC assures islanders

The testing during production will include any locals working on the project.

During filming the crew will bring its own test lab to Shetland to avoid impacting local services.

Some members of the community, however, have called for filming to be postponed until later in the year as a result of the current situation with the pandemic.

‘Why not wait, Shetland? That’s all. Wait a few weeks’