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Letters / Open letter – Shetland is Fir Aabody

We, the undersigned (and no doubt many more), believe that our island home can and should be more equal, inclusive and understanding.

In these divisive times, Shetlanders can – and often do – lead by example with their community spirit and celebration of difference.

But harmful attitudes, actions and abuses of power against people – because of their age, class, (dis)ability, ethnicity, gender, race, religion or sexuality – are not acceptable.

Positive messages through education, principled leadership and fairness towards our neighbours are the foundations of the ideal Shetland we believe in and want to share with the world.


Alice Jamieson, Yell
Andrew Goodlad, formerly Dunrossness
Andy Stephen, Loch End
Barry Nisbet, Yell
Bob Jamieson, Ollaberry
Brian Smith, Weisdale
Brian Spence, Yell
Carol Scott, Sandwick
Chris Horrix, formerly Lerwick
Craig Birnie, Burra
Debra Nicolson, Westside
Donna Schofield, Scalloway
Emma Houston, formerly Lerwick
Fiona Nicholson, Yell
Gillian Ramsay, Virkie
Hannah Nicholson, formerly Brae
Helen Nisbet, Yell
James Mackenzie, Tresta
Janet Ainsworth, Lunning
Johan Adamson, Tingwall
Karl Johnson, formerly Brae
Kharis Leggate, Shetland
Kieran Durkin, formerly Brae
Kirsten Green, formerly Sandwick & Tresta
Laura Hughes, Scalloway
Laura Jamieson, Ollaberry
Lavinia Schmidt, Sexual Violence Prevention & Activism Worker
Lewie Peterson, Cunningsburgh
Lisa Ward, Burra
Mark Ryan Smith, Effirth
Mathew Nicholson, Westside
Rita Smith, Da Ness
Rosa Steppanova, Tresta
Roseanne Watt, formerly Sandwick
Sally Huband, East Burrafirth
Siún Carden, Burra
Stroma Smith, Lerwick
Dr Susan Bowie, Hillswick
Tom Morton, Hillswick
Tracey Doyle, formerly Lerwick
Up Helly Aa for Aa (approx. 130 members)
Zara Pennington, Women for Independence, Wastside