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Letters / Delighted to share the story of my Shetland connection

I just read the wonderful story in The New York Times of the pictures that were saved and wanted to share my own connection with Shetland that is so dear to me and that, in light of the excitement that’s surrounding these pictures and history shared, might bring a smile to your community as well.

Here are photos that were taken in July 1989 when I met, for the first time ever in person, my pen pal, John Henderson, who was from Out Skerries.

I was from New Jersey in the United States and an ordinary party balloon brought us together. See the attached clippings.

I would be delighted to share my story with you further. It was extraordinary, incredible and still is.

I cherish my Shetland family. While sadly John passed several years ago, I remain in touch with his adult granddaughter.

Sharon (Singer) Fiarman,
New Jersey

Scottish Parliament election, 6 May 2021