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Arts / LHD fish box lends glamour to pop star’s video

‘A bit of free advertising never hurt anybody!’

The humble LHD fishbox as featured in Harry Styles’ music video.

LHD’s trademark fish box is well known for its versatility – but eagle-eyed pop music fans have spotted a new use for the hardy yellow-and-black container, as a prop in a recent Harry Styles music video.

It makes a fleeting appearance in the fish-themed promo for the former One Direction star’s top ten single Adore You, from his latest album Fine Line, around three quarters of the way through the 3mins, 53secs video.

The video has been viewed over 127 million times.

James Aitken of LHD joked that they’d be sending Styles’ team an invoice, adding: “I’ve seen the LHD box being put to use for a range of different things – a plant pot holder in gardens being particularly popular – but certainly the first time I’ve seen it feature in a music video.

“It’s good to see the LHD brand being spread worldwide, a bit of free advertising never hurt anybody!”