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Arts / Series six of crime drama expected to be broadcast this year
BBC Filming / Crime drama filming to move to Catfirth this weekend
BBC Filming / Crime drama filming to head to Da Street on Thursday
BBC Filming / Museum to close to allow for crime drama filming
Politics / Debate Night programme wants you to join
Community / Local houses to feature in ‘home of the year’ TV show
Business Gateway
Arts / Crime drama crew thank community after shoot
BBC Filming / Crime drama filming to return to Lerwick
BBC Filming / Crime drama filming moves to Hillswick and Heylor
BBC Filming / Trondra bridge to be closed on Wednesday to allow crime drama filming
BBC Filming / Busy Sunday planned for TV crew
BBC Filming / Crime drama filming moves to Cott on Friday
Shetland Charitable Trust - Main Grant Scheme
BBC Filming / Two south end beaches to be closed off for filmingScousburgh road will also be closed for a time on Thursday
In Pictures / Getting a glimpse into filming of new crime drama series
BBC Filming / Crime drama filming moves to Foulawick for action scenes
BBC Filming / Crime drama filming to take place around sheriff court on Monday
BBC Filming / Watch out for road closures as crime drama filming moves to Lerwick
BBC Filming / Crime drama filming to begin in Bixter on Tuesday
Viewpoint / Filming Shetland will be drama-free, BBC assures islandersITV Studios’ producer of the crime drama Shetland, Louise Say, responds to concern voiced here by Tom Morton who earlier this week asked whether it is a good idea to resume filming the popular series as early as April
Viewpoint / ‘Why not wait, Shetland? That’s all. Wait a few weeks’Please come to Shetland, Shetland. But not yet, says Tom Morton.
Reviews / ‘Public health in public hands’Our reviewer Neil Riddell was impressed by Miriam Brett’s first time appearance on the BBC Question Time programme on Thursday night
Shetland Lives / No place like home for far-travelled White
Election letters 2019 / BBC bias
Arts / Jimmy Perez to return as two new series confirmed for crime drama
Council / SIC to write to government over TV licence plans
Reviews / Shetland finale rounds off ‘most accomplished series yet’
Reviews / There’s something fishy going on in ShetlandThe BBC’s murder-mystery series is back and it promises to be the grittiest yet
Entertainment / Shetland crime fans in for a ‘powerful’ treatSeries 5 of the popular murder-mystery starts on Tuesday
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