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Arts / Crime drama cast speak about ‘Shetland-centric’ new series

All photos: BBC/ITV Studios/Mark Mainz

THE CAST of crime drama Shetland have offered more details about the upcoming new series – with a “big thread of grief” running throughout for main character Jimmy Perez.

The first episode of the sixth series will premiere on BBC One next Wednesday (20 October).

In a series of publicity interviews released by the BBC, Perez actor Douglas Henshall said the series revolves around the “murder of a prominent figure – and his daughter hears her father die over the telephone”.

He added: “We open with the funeral of his mother so there’s a big thread of grief which runs through this series for Perez.”

The series will also see the return of convicted murder Donna Killick, who is given compassionate leave from prison.

Photo: BBC/ITV Studios/Mark Mainz

Meanwhile Alison O’Donnell, who plays Perez’s sidekick Tosh, said the series allows her character to evolve.

“Something I have been so grateful for throughout the show is how the writers have allowed for Tosh to grow – and in this series that really reaches a head,” she said.

“She has become so much more mature and capable.”

O’Donnell added that the series is especially “Shetland-centric”.

“We really get to dig into the local community and uncover a lot of old secrets as we go.”

Local actor Steven Robertson, who plays Sandy, said his character back in the fold after being suspended by the police at the end of series five.

“Since then, he has spent a long time not doing the job he loves – help keep Shetland safe,” he added.

“He had to pay for his mistakes which led to Sandy having to retrain and admit his fault to his superiors.

Photo: BBC/ITV Studios/Mark Mainz

“Now he’s back in the team but he’s had a lot to think about and maybe not allowing his desire to move a case forward in a way that allows for errors of judgement is the lesson he hopes he has learned.”

Meanwhile Mark Bonnar, who plays the role of Duncan, said Shetland is a “captivating place” with unique character.

“Everybody loves a murder mystery and everyone loves a remote place because it sparks your imagination,” he added.

“Shetland’s beautiful, I think those things combined with fantastic stories are what makes this show a hit around the world. I’m very proud of Shetland – it’s a place that warrants visiting.

“There’s something very special about Shetland and you the only way to discover that is to go there.”

Local actor Steven Robertson returns in series six. Photo: BBC/ITV Studios/Mark Mainz