Election 2022 / John Fraser

Lerwick South

Name: John Finlay Sinclair Fraser Electoral Ward: Lerwick South Description: Independent

John Fraser

I was raised and lived in Nederdale for almost thirty years. I now live at Observatory. Lerwick South is my home. I believe that an individual should live amongst those that they seek to represent. Hence my decision to stand in Lerwick South.

I’m an honest, approachable, non-judgmental individual that believes everyone has value and a contribution to make. I’m a good communicator with the humility to listen and learn from others. I therefore have an open mind that puts the welfare of constituents at the centre of the decision making process. There is no place for ego or self-serving motives in the chamber.

  • Nine years as a Lerwick Community Councillor
  • Thirteen years service to AHS Parent Council.
  • Five years on Hjaltland Housing Association tenants focus group.
  • Two years as an advisor to Living Lerwick.
  • Five years an SIC Elected Member serving on:
    • Education & Families Committee
    • Development Committee
    • Audit Committee
    • Staffing Appeals Committee
    • Pensions Board
    • Integrated Joint Board
    • Valuation Joint Board
    • Corporate Parenting Board

Lerwick South Priorities:

  1. I’ll make myself available to listen to the queries, concerns and ideas of the residents of Lerwick South and represent their interests.
  2. I’ll work with residents and stakeholders to ensure the Knab development is sympathetic to the existing community complimenting what already exists.
  3. I’ll engage with the residents of ‘Da Sooth End’ and SIC departments to establish a realistic action plan to improve the physical environment of this part of Lerwick.
  4. I’ll maintain regular contact with residents and SIC Housing to ensure that Sandveien kitchen replacements are kept on schedule.
  5. I’ll support tenants by giving them a voice to ensure continued maintenance to an ageing housing stock.
  6. I’ll work with Bells Brae Parents Council, AHS Parents Council, SIC and Police Scotland to help alleviate parking and congestion issues outside schools at pick up and drop off times.
  7. I’ll work to ensure youngsters in Lerwick have a safe place to meet friends informally. SIC has a role to play in making this a reality.The first step is asking the young people what their place should look like.

Shetland priorities:

  1. Since 2020 SIC policy has been to explore options for achieving financial and political self-determination.
    With more and more decision making being centralised and public funding being consistently reduced it is more important than ever to progress with this.
    I’ll seek to form a working group to explore ALL options on Shetlands constitutional future with reports to full Council.
  1. The proposed National Care Service is a threat to local decision making and may compromise care provision for our most vulnerable. Shetland needs a strong, credible, diplomatic voice to ensure that our unique circumstances are considered and that there is no reduction in our current levels of care. I have the relevant knowledge, skills and experience to be that voice.
  2. I’ll seek to establish a multi-agency partnership to explore all avenues to tackle poverty and the cost of living crises.
  3. SIC must produce detailed business cases for fixed links to our outer isles. The time for action is now.
  4. Central Government must hear a consistent and persuasive message that a fit for purpose, affordable freight and passenger link to the Scottish Mainland is non-negotiable.
  5. I’ll campaign for person centred, holistic, family, recovery focused approaches for addiction and mental health services.
  6. Explore creative means to increase the provision of and access to affordable family homes for young Shetlanders and those seeking to relocate to Shetland to pursue a career.
  7. SIC is experiencing difficulties in recruiting and retaining staff to provide essential services. We need to review the pay and conditions of theses hard to fill posts. We also need to ‘grow our own’ with training opportunities for Shetlands school leavers and graduates with clear career paths and succession planning.

Contact Information

Email: jfraserelection22@gmail.com
Mobile: 07732317763


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