Election 2022 / Amanda Hawick

Lerwick South

Name: Amanda Hawick Electoral Ward: Lerwick South Description: Independent

Amanda Hawick

Amanda Hawick and Independent Candidate with a strong local voice for local issues. For the past 10 years I have had the privilege of representing you on the Shetland Islands Council. I was born in Lerwick and attended the Anderson High School. Since being first elected in 2012 I have served as a Trustee of the Shetland Charitable Trust, Elected representative for the Shetlands Children’s Panel, Chair of the Legalised Police Cells, Vice chair of Audit Committee, member of the Shetland License Board, Member of Shetland Domestic Abuse Partnership, Sub Executive Board Member of Scotland Excel, Chair of the Islesburgh Youth Club, Member of the Lerwick Community Council and in 2015 I was Independently appointed 3 terms as an Independent Prison Monitor. My main focus if re-elected will be, Housing: Tackling the housing crisis is a priority, the SIC’s 2022-2027 local housing strategy has set out plans for new homes and the modernisation of existing houses. With over 500 houses schedules to be built in Lerwick on two site, this will greatly improve the need for new houses for those in need. However work needs to be done on all current housing stock that does not currently meet national standards.

Healthcare/the Best service for our Elderly and vulnerable and our children and young people: With the proposed establishment of a single national body, the National Care Service with clear lines of accountability to Ministers at a national level, guidance proposing that IJBs will become Community Health and Social Care Boards (CHSCBs) and will be the local delivery body for the NCS and not the local authority, funded directly by the Scottish Government and will be the sole model for local delivery of healthcare, social work and social care, Children’s services, Nursing, Justice social work, Prisons, Alcohol and drug services and Mental health services in Scotland. I will campaign for local involvement, negotiation and Shetlands voice to be the key focus to protect and ensure local jobs will be protected and current vacancies will be filled throughout Shetlands Health and social care provision. I will campaign that the Government holds its pledge for children to catch up on their schooling after the long lockdown from the pandemic.

Transport and Fixed Links: With carbon emissions posing a major challenge, I will campaign for fixed links to replace our aging ferries fleet and ensure current levels of service are maintained and the Government continues to honour its commitment to fully fund our ferries.

Tackling Fuel and Food Poverty: I will continue to campaign to find better solutions as local residents find their electricity bills and fuel costs soaring, inflation driving increased prices, business overheads raising product costs, more must be done at national level to help mitigate the impacts that already affect Shetland residents disproportionately with some areas of Shetland showing a staggering 60% higher living costs than Scotland mainland and 52% of Shetlands residents being in working poverty.

Business Development: Here in Shetland we must make sure we have the support in all industries, Agriculture, Aquaculture, Fishing, Renewable Energy, Petroliam, Creative industries and Tourism to grow Shetlands economy. I will work hard to improve economic participation in local communities, encourage the need to link skills, research and development to economic need. Ensure Shetlands interests are represented at national, regional and external policy making while improving the attractiveness of Shetland as a place to live, work, study, visit and invest, we also need to support and increase the pace of innovation and adoption of new technologies.

Contact Information

Email: amandahawick@yahoo.co.uk
Mobile: 07886914209
Tel: 01595 696537


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