Election 2022 / Shayne McLeod

Lerwick South

Name: Shayne Charles McLeod Electoral Ward: Lerwick South Description: Independent

Shayne McLeod

My name is Shayne Mcleod, and this year I am setting myself a new challenge and putting my name forward in this year’s Council Election 2022.

I have lived in Shetland all my life being brought up in the Lerwick South Ward. My family home was at the South end of King Harald Street along with spending a lot of time at my grandparents in Breiwick Road.

First and foremost, my main aim is to listen and represent the constituents and the interests in the Lerwick South Ward. I want to be able to represent all ages in the ward. I feel that the young voices need to be heard as much as the older voices.

As we now start to move into a post Covid world and as they say the new normal, it is now clear that the next council needs to listen and provide for the community.

We need to make sure that:

  • The housing is fit for purpose with the new insulation standards and that the maintenance of the homes is up to date.
  • The correct advice and staff are available to support those who are suffering from the cost of living and fuel poverty crisis.
  • The future of any community is with its youth. I would like to be a voice to get any points across that the youth in our community has. I would also like to work along with the Youth Parliament members in Shetland.
  • We need to have a transport service that is fit for purpose across our isles. We need to look towards the future as far as fixed links to replace our aging ferry service.
  • We need to take advantage of the renewable energy opportunities that we have here in Shetland i.e. wind and tidal.

Community life and the love of my community means a great deal to me. I am a sitting member of the Lerwick Community Council which in part is one reason that I am putting myself forward to represent the Lerwick South Ward on the next council. The interaction I have with members of the community I enjoy very much and anything I can do to help you in any little way is an achievement for me and means I am giving back to my community and its residents.

I am also a sitting member on several committees in Lerwick. The Shetland Accordion and Fiddle Club/Festival, Committee member and board member of the Lerwick boating club and Committee member/ Charitable trustee of Sail Training Shetland.

I am more than happy to talk to anyone about any matters that they feel needs to be addressed.  There is no better way to get an understanding about what is going on or how people feel than talking about it. Over the last 2 years we have all I’m sure had to use a form of virtual platform to communicate with one and another.

Contact Information

Email: shaynemcleod89@outlook.com
Mobile: 07720837070
Skype live: shaynemcleod89


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