Election 2022 / Dennis Leask

Lerwick South

Name: Dennis Leask Electoral Ward: Lerwick South Description: Independent

Dennis Leask


Thank you for taking the time to visit my profile.

I am Dennis Leask, a ‘young’ 66-year-old grandfather, married to Tess whom I am sure many will know better through her singing.


I worked in Civil Engineering with the Grampian Region and Shetland Islands Council for 28 years. I have also always had a keen interest in business, my ventures have included: Intersport, Hub Clothing (Now Burns Lane Clothing), Harley Clothing (Aberdeen), Moorpark Golf Range and Fjara Café Bar.


  • Board member of the Hjaltland Housing Association which provided me with excellent knowledge of social housing and good governance.
  • Rotary Club of Shetland member and president. The charitable works gave me insight to issues facing our community and the great work done by organisations such as Voluntary Action Shetland.
  • Community Council which gave me an understanding of the challenges in trying to move issues forward.
  • Committee and chair of, Lerwick Swimming Club, Squash and Badminton Club and playing an active role in fundraising.


Having spent most of my professional and social life, and currently owning a business in Lerwick South, I believe that I have a great understanding of the challenges this area faces. Major projects such as the redevelopment of the old Anderson High School site and the potential replacement of the Gilbert Bain Hospital could have a great impact on the area and I want to ensure that the community’s views are represented.

My experience in both public and private sectors, as well as community endeavours, equips me well to serve Lerwick South’s residents, individually or as a whole and play our part in moving Shetland forward.


  • Housing. It is unacceptable that for decades we regularly read of a housing shortage for local and incoming workers.
  • Development. I would like to see a greater understanding and cooperation between the public and private sectors.
  • Fixed Links. It is time that we provide these links to help island economies prosper and retain their populations.
  • Environment. The greatest challenge of our times needs to be managed and not simply transferred out of sight to some less scrupulous country. And it needs to be done quickly!
  • Education. I believe that we are not investing or sufficiently supporting those involved in ‘early years’ education. With increasing evidence of the importance of this stage in a child’s development, more needs to be done to ensure appropriate facilities and services.
  • Council Services. The projected increase in the cost of living will make it difficult or impossible for many to make ends meet. Where possible, I believe that it is imperative for the Council to be proactive in managing and mitigating these issues.

While I dream of many improvements that could be made – be it policy or physical improvements – without the support of the collective council, most will remain as dreams.

To this end, I wish that whoever you elect come together to agree a manifesto and make the most of their five years of opportunity to help Shetland prosper.


Contact Information

Email: dennisleask@yahoo.co.uk
Mobile: 07795320956
Address: Rizal, 1B Heathery Park, Gulberwick ZE2 9GD


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