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Letters / The threat to our planet

COP26 so desperately needs to be seized as an opportunity for real change by humanity on climate change.

So, I have been surprised by what I perceive as a lack of interest and debate – media and politicians, both local and national. Even amongst us mere subjects all seem loath to engage in the climate change debate.

I guess we all live in the moment, what will happen in 10 to 20 years’ time is not relevant to today’s conversation. But boy do we need to wake up. What we do today or lack of doing will absolutely determine the world our children and grandchildren inherit.

My own observation is, that it is as much our individual fault as it is our leaders’.

I suspect the majority want Nicola, Boris, Biden or whoever to sort this global warming issue out for us.

Judging from recent events such as: the outcry when a few Tesco shelves are empty (and I can’t get my favourite blue berries from Peru); wages not keeping up with inflation; no fuel etc etc, it is for most conditional, in that they, our leaders, do not affect our current standard and quality of life.

I do not believe we can transition our economy from carbon without pain, and what politician can deliver that and keep our vote.

I suspect to get real change and not just words, we need to give our leaders a much clearer mandate.

What a great role for our media, to demonstrate the will of the people on this single issue. Let us get away from the political right and left trying to grab the moral high ground.

Amongst the so called Liberal Democracies of the world and based on their politics, I do not see much difference on their environmental credentials, so let us just agree we are all in this together.

Unlike many countries we are fortunate in that we can let our leaders know what we want, we do not have to wait four years to vote.

For the less fortunate where the people have no voice, we will have to rely on the Greta Thunbergs of the world to reach out to their younger generation, who perhaps enjoy less suspicion than the adults.

I do not intend to get into the wind, tidal, solar, hydrogen or even nuclear debate, but I suspect they are all infinitely better than coal and oil, yet we put far more energy into fighting all alternates rather than fighting the main culprits.

For close on 50 years the problem with fossil fuels has been well documented and we have allowed those with an interest to undermine the evidence by sowing seeds of doubt.

We can blame those sowers of doubt but in truth is suited our ever improving quality of life to turn a blind eye, me included.

Please find your voice and encourage our politicians to initiate the change needed.

Dennis Leask