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Marine / Close encounter with orca caught on camera

Henley Spiers photographed by Adam Russell.

A PHOTOGRAPHER says he was on a “complete high” after enjoying a close encounter with an orca in Shetland.

Henley Spiers was photographed, with camera in hand, just metres away from the marine animal at Stenness on Monday (5 July).

The image of Spiers was taken by Adam Russell, who was watching on.

Spiers – a professional underwater photographer from Devon – said he had never seen an orca until the day before, and that was at distance.

“I considered myself extremely fortunate to have witnessed these magnificent animals so closely, and could only have dreamed as I sat down in that spot that one would make such an intimate pass,” the 35-year-old told Shetland News.

“I actually had a long lens on my camera so at a certain stage I just had to put it down and enjoy the moment.

“Afterwards I was on a complete high – exhilarated by the wonder of wildlife. I only visited Shetland for the first time in May and have rapidly fallen in love with the islands.”